Power Interface Module (ATCA)
    Open-frame, single board construction for higher reliability
ATCA Power Interface Module The IQ65033QM10, IQ65033QGA12, and IQ665033QTA14 iQor™ Power Interface Modules integrate all features required by the AdvancedTCA Base Specification for a frame board power entry into a Quarter-Brick footprint. Minimal external components are required for all the key functions. Efficient utilization of hold-up capacitance with adjustable high-voltage management. Available in standard module or full-feature with I2C interface.
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Package Dimension Drawings
Pin Name Function
1 -48V_A Negative A feed (externally fused)
2 -48V_B Negative B feed (externally fused)
3 VRTN_A Positive A feed (externally fused)
4 VRTN_B Positive B feed (externally fused)
5 ENABLE_A Enable A input (externally fused)
(Short pin tied to VRTN_A on backplate)
6 ENABLE_B Enable B input (externally fused)
(Short pin tied to VRTN_A on backplate)
7 SHELF_GND Shelf ground
8 5.0V 5.0V (relative to LOGIC_GND)
9 3.3V 3.3V (relative to LOGIC_GND)
10 12C_ADR I2C address input *
(Connect external resistor to LOGIC_GND) **
11 12C_DAT I2C data (Relative to LOGIC_GND) *
12 12C_CLK I2C clock (Relative to LOGIC_GND) *
13 LOGIC_GND Logic ground
14 ALARM Isolated A/B feed loss or open fuse alarm
(Relative to LOGIC_GND)
15 -48V_OUT Negative output to payload power converter
16 HU_TRIM Hold-up voltage trim
    (Connect external resistor to -48V_OUT)
17 VRTN_OUT Positive output to payload power converter
18 HU_CAP Positive connection to hold-up capacitor
(Negative connection to _48V_OUT)
Notes: * Pin 10, 11 and 12 are only available on the full featured version. See datasheet (ordering page) for more information.
           ** Single resistor connected externally to LOGIC_GND selects the three least significant bit of I2C Adress "0101xxx".