BusQor DC-DC Bus Converters
    Single board construction for higher reliability
MCOTS Series Bus Converters The Mil-COTS bus converter is a next-generation, board-mountable, isolated, fixed switching frequency DC-DC converters that use synchronous rectification to achieve extremely high conversion efficiency.  SynQor designs several manufacturing lines to comply with military requirements.  The Mil-COTS series provides an isolated step down voltage from 270V to 31V intermediate bus with no regulation in a standard half-brick module.  The Mil-COTS bus converters are ideal for creating the mid-bus voltage required to drive standard point-of-load (non-isolated) DC-DC isolated converters.  
                       MCOTS-B-270                                                                     Product Part Numbering Convention    Package Dimension Drawings    Product Part Numbering Convention
Pin Name Function
1 E1 Vin(+)
3 E2 Vin(-)
4 E4 Vout(-)
5 E3 Vout(+)