SynQor Terms and Conditions of Sale and Flexibilty Terms

Click on column headers below for the current version of SynQor's Terms and Conditions of Sale for each of our product lines and our Flexibilty Terms.  Contact your SynQor sales representative with any questions.

PDFFlexibility Terms  
All Products  
PDFCommercial   PDFIndustrial and Transportation   PDFMedical
DualQor DQxxxxxxxxxxxxx   ACLFQor Industrial AC Filters ACLFxxxxxxxxxxx   AQuQor AQxxxxM
BusQor BQxxxxxxxxxxxxx   AQuQor AQxxxxI   CFQor CFxxxxxxxxxxxxx
iQor IQ65xxxxxxxxxxx   High Voltage NiQor (NQ, HVNQ)) NQ[20,40,60,90]      
NiQor (NQ, except HVNQ) NQ[04,15,16]   InQorDC Converters IQxxxxxxxxxxxxx   PDFCustom  
PowerQor PQxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Industrial DC Filters IQxxxPFxxxxxxxx   CustomQor CQxxxxxxx
BusQor SQxxxxxxxxxxxxx   RailQor DC Converters RQxxxxxxxxxxxxx      
      PFCQor AC Converters PFCxxxxxxxxxxxx      
      RailQor DC Filters RQxxxPFxxxxxxx      
PDFMilitary Bricks   PDFMilQor Power Systems   PDFAccessories
Mil-COTS AC Filter MACF   Expansion Battery Module EBM   ACuQor Cables AQ-CBL
Mil-COTS BusQor MCOTS-B   Military Inverter MINV   Battery Pack BAT
Mil-COTS DC Converter MCOTS-C   Military Power Conditioner MPC   Demi Brick Adaptor DBI
Mil-COTS DC Filter MCOTS-F   Military Power Supply MPS   Full Brick Adaptor FBI
Mil-COTS NiQor/QuadQor MCOTS-N   Military Programmable Power Supply MPPS   Half Brick Adaptor HBI
Mil-COTS PFC MPFC   Uninterruptable Power Supply UPS   MultiQor Plate Cables MTQ-CBL
Mil-COTS Isolated PFC MPFIC   Military Custom MQ[3]   Quarter-Brick Adaptor QBI
Mil-COTS Custom MC   VPX Vita 62 Compliant VPX   Sixteenth-Brick Adaptor SBI
Hi-Rel MQ         Rack Mount Accessories SYN
Hi-Rel Custom MQ[1,2,4]          
Configurable MultiQor Plate MTQ