Power Interface Module (ATCA)
    Open-frame, single board construction for higher reliability
ATCA Power Interface Module The IQ65033QM10, IQ65033QGA12, and IQ665033QTA14 iQor™ Power Interface Modules integrate all features required by the AdvancedTCA Base Specification for a frame board power entry into a Quarter-Brick footprint. Minimal external components are required for all the key functions (see applications drawing below). Efficient utilization of hold-up capacitance with adjustable high-voltage management. Available in standard module or full-feature with I2C interface.
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Package Dimension Drawings
IQ65033QTA14 Power Interface Module 500W ATCA Power Interface Module
IQ65033QGA12 Power Interface Module 350W ATCA Power Interface Module
IQ65033QMA10 Power Interface Module 300W ATCA Power Interface Module
Product Highlights
  • Input ORing for A & B feeds
  • Hot Swap Control/ inrush limiting
  • Two-stage conducted EMI Filter
  • External hold-up capacitor management - trimmable from 50-95V
  • Isolated management power: 3.3V/3.6A and 5V/150mA
  • Parameter monitoring through I2C interface (optional)
    Protection Features
  • Management power over-voltage protection
  • Management power over-current protection
  • Main output over-current protection
  • Thermal shutdown protects the unit from abnormal environmental conditions
  • Input fuse/feed loss alarm
  • Automatic discharge of holdup capacitor on power-down
Applications Drawing