CF Grade Isolated DC-DC Converters
    Designed to provide isolated dc power for applications requiring CF Body Contact and Defibrillation Proof
CFQor Series DC-DC Converters The CFQor series of Quarter-Brick DC-DC converters are high efficiency converters designed for those medical applications that require isolation and leakage current levels that comply with IEC60601-1 for CF patient contact and are also defibrillation proof.
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Product Part Numbering Convention
Product Part Numbering Convention
Package Dimension Drawings
Pin Name Function
1   Vin(+)   Positive input voltage
2   ON/OFF   TTL input to turn converter on and off, referenced to Vin(-), with internal pull up.
3   Vin(-)   Negative input voltage
4   Vout(-)   Negative output voltage
5   SENSE(-)   Negative remote sense1
6   TRIM   Output voltage trim2
7   SENSE(+)   Positive remote sense3
8   Vout(+)   Positive output voltage
       1. SENSE(-) should be connected to Vout(-) either remotely or at the converter.
       2. Leave TRIM pin open for nominal output voltage.
       3. SENSE(+) should be connected to Vout(+) either remotely or at the converter.