IQ18 Series DC/DC Converters
    Ruggedized for the harsh environments seen in many industrial and transportation applications.
IQ18 1.2Vout 1.5Vout 1.8Vout 2.5Vout 3.3Vout 5.0Vout 7.0Vout 12Vout 15Vout 24Vout 28Vout 30Vout 40Vout 48Vout
Half Brick     60A/108W   50A/165W 36A/180W   15A/180W 12A/180W 7.5A/180W 6.5A/182W   4.5A/180W 3.7A/178W
    50A/90W   40A/132W 28A/140W   12A/144W 9.5A/143W 6.0A/144W 5.0A/140W   3.5A/140W 3.0A/144W
Quarter Brick     40A/72W   30A/99W 20A/100W 14A/98W 8.0A/96W 7.0A/105W 4.0A/96W   3.0A/90W   2.0A/96W
    30A/54W   20A/66W 15A/75W 10A/70W 6.0A/72W 5.0A/75W 3.0A/72W   2.4A/72W   1.5A/72W
Sixteenth Brick 25A/30W 25A/37.5W 25A/45W 20A/50W 15A/50W 10A/50W 7.0A/49W 4.0A/48W 3.0A/45W          
20A/24W 16A/21W 14A/25.2W 10A/25W 8.0A/26.4W 5.0A/25W 3.5A/24.5W 2.0A/24W 1.7A/25.5W          
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