Press Release


SynQor delivers fully scalable Kilo, Mega, Giga half-brick DC-DC converter series


Hudson, Mass - With the launch of its Kilo, Mega and Giga series of half-brick units, SynQor is offering designers a fully scalable range of DC-DC converters covering a very wide output current range of 20-60A. The introduction of the 20A Kilo, 30A Mega and 40A Giga power modules complement the 60A Tera unit launched last year.

The Kilo, Mega, and Giga half-brick lines include output voltages of 15V, 12V, 5V, 3.3V, 2.5V, 2.0V, 1.8V and 1.5V. All units draw power from a 48V nominal input (range: 35V to 75V) and deliver 20-40 amps of output current, or 75 - 150 Watts of output power.

An important benefit for designers is the scalability afforded by SynQor's full line of half-brick modules. Since all the SynQor converters use the same topology, circuitry, pin-out and footprint, the user can be assured of complete "plug and play" compatibility when moving among different power levels within the industry standard half brick format.

Additionally, all of SynQor's new half-brick models are available in both standard and full-featured versions. Full feature units include current sharing for parallel applications and N+1 redundancy. Using multiple half-bricks in parallel allows customers to achieve virtually any power level they require. Other features include an external clock synchronization pin, a start-up synchronization pin for more consistent start up sequencing, and an ORing FET drive for efficient ORing protection.

SynQor's half brick converters use synchronous rectification and a patented topology to achieve extremely high efficiency and high current. Typical full-load efficiency numbers are 90.5% at 3.3V/20A (Kilo), 90.0% at 3.3V/30A (Mega) and 89.5% 3.3V/40A (Giga). The modules produce only half the dissipated heat of competing products and therefore do not require a heatsink to keep their components cool. With no heatsink and no thermal connections, the converters provide superior reliability while reducing space, height, weight, cost of use and application effort.

Launched in Q3 '00, SynQor's Tera half-brick converters provide up to 60 amps of output current with no attached heatsink. Efficiency at 3.3V/50A is 91%. The Tera half-brick line also has a 48V nominal input and includes 8 output voltages that deliver 60 amps at 2.5V and below, or 165 Watts of output at 3.3V and higher.