Press Release


SynQor Receives Electronic Products "1999 Product of the Year" Award


Hudson, Mass - SynQor today was presented with a "1999 Product of the Year" award from Electronic Products magazine (Hearst Publishing). The awards were published in the January 2000 issue of EP. SynQor's PowerQor DC-DC converter module was selected based on its revolutionary design, which allows much higher efficiency and higher power density. The PowerQor converter, representing a new generation of smaller, lighter and more efficient converters that operate without a heat sink, was selected over products from established competitors such as Vicor, Lucent and Power-One.

Today's telecom, datacom and computer manufacturers require smaller, more efficient and higher-powered converters. Responding to these emerging trends, SynQor developed the PowerQor converter, which permits a lower profile, more useable power and a simplified construction technique that increases reliability while reducing costs. The PowerQor module was SynQor's first product introduction for the rapidly growing firm based in Hudson, MA.

The Electronic Products editors selected fifteen total awards across a variety of product categories from over 15,000 product releases. Selections are based on significant advances in technology or its application, a dedicated innovation in design or a substantial gain in price-performance.

SynQor has followed up their PowerQor introduction by offering an expanded line of converters with even greater efficiency and power outputs as well as different package sizes. SynQor's founder and CEO Martin Schlecht promises to release other potential award winners in 2000. "Our engineering design team is focused on exceeding the requirements of today's telecom and datacom engineers. Our goal is to provide the power behind the products that drive the Internet", says Schlecht.