Press Release


SynQor Obtains Preliminary Injunctive Relief Against Ericsson

Hudson, Mass (10/3/02) - After conducting an evidentiary hearing requested by SynQor, the United States Federal District Court in Boston has entered a preliminary injunction prohibiting Ericsson from continued or additional publication of information contained in an Ericsson Design Note and associated article published by an industry trade journal, PCIM Europe. The articles purport to compare thermal test results of Ericsson baseplated DC-DC converters to leading non-baseplated converters designed and manufactured by SynQor.

The Court issued the injunction in a case entitled, SynQor, Inc. v. Ericsson, Inc., C.A. No. 02-CV-11240-RGS. The SynQor suit asserts that Ericsson published badly flawed test results and inaccurate reliability calculations disparaging SynQor products and presenting false and misleading information to the marketplace. In addition to injunctive relief, SynQor's Complaint seeks to recover monetary damages under the Federal Lanham Act prohibiting false and deceptive advertising.

The preliminary injunction order prohibits Ericsson from continued electronic publication via the Internet or any republication or further circulation of the articles, and all oral communications concerning the contents of the articles, including sales or technical presentations.

"We are gratified that the Court has acted expeditiously, in advance of trial, to stop this type of marketing," said Martin Schlecht, SynQor's CEO. "Ericsson's claims are completely at odds with the outstanding performance of our products in the field and with our stringent design and qualification processes. Our customers turn to us because they demand industry-leading quality and performance."