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SynQor and Delta Announce Strategic Alliance in DC-DC Converter Market

Hudson, Mass - SynQor LLC and Delta Electronics, Inc. have recently signed a strategic alliance to supply modular DC-DC converters and isolated VRMs. Delta is the world's largest power supply manufacturer with over $1.4 billion in annual revenues. SynQor is the technology leader in the new generation of high-efficiency DC-DC converters that do not require heatsinks. Together, Delta and SynQor will work to supply DC-DC converters that meet the challenging requirements of the Telecom, Datacom, Computer and Industrial marketplace.

The Delta/SynQor alliance capitalizes on the strengths of both companies. Delta will provide high-volume, worldwide manufacturing capability made possible by their extensive manufacturing plants in Taiwan, Thailand and China. Delta's strategic relationships with component vendors will also ensure a reliable and timely source of materials for SynQor's fast growing DC-DC converter business. Furthermore, Delta brings significant financial backing that will enable SynQor to meet its growing business opportunities.

SynQor will offer its line of no-heatsink-required DC-DC converters, which includes 30 and 40 amp half-brick converters and 25 amp quarter-brick converters. Their U.S. based manufacturing facilities will provide flexible and timely response for lower volume, higher product mix production runs. SynQor will also provide its strong marketing and sales presence in the Telecom/Datacom marketplace.

Delta and SynQor will work together to offer customers a total solution to their distributed power supply needs. This arrangement will include the coordination of sales opportunities and the development of products by each company to support the offerings of the other.

Both companies are highly focused on quality design and manufacturing, product innovation and customer satisfaction. Delta has received numerous Preferred Vendor Awards from the Computer industry for their on-time delivery of highly reliable products. Delta's manufacturing process complements SynQor's comprehensive HALT qualification/design procedures to ensure the quality of DC-DC converters from both companies.

"In a very short time, SynQor has proven they have a leading DC-DC converter technology and a first class organization, " said Mark Ko, VP & GM of the Power Supply Business Unit for Delta Electronics, Inc. "With Delta's high volume manufacturing capability and financial backing, we see SynQor quickly becoming a major player in this market."

"SynQor is excited and proud of our partnership with Delta, " said Martin Schlecht, CEO of SynQor. "Our strengths are perfectly matched to offer the marketplace a broad line of leading-edge, high quality distributed power supply products."

SynQor can be reached by phone at 978-567-9596, fax 978-567-9597, e-mail or visit our web site at Delta Electronics, Inc. can be reached by phone at 978-656-3993, fax 978-656-3964, e-mail or visit them on the web at

About Delta Electronics, Inc.:

Founded in 1971, Delta is the world's leading switching power supply manufacturer, providing electronic components and products to OEM/ODM customers and distributors. With average annual business growth of 30% over the past decade, Delta's global sales revenues were US$1.4 billion in 1998. Currently, Delta has sales offices globally and manufacturing plants in Taiwan, Thailand, U.K. and China with over 20,000 employees.