Press Release


SynQor Introduces the PowerQor series of High-Efficiency, No Heatsink DC-DC Converters


Hudson, Mass - SynQor's introduction of PowerQor™, a series of highly efficient, fully isolated DC-DC modular power converters, provides designers with the first DC-DC converter that operates with efficiencies greater than 90% for a 3.3 volt, 30 amp output product. The highly efficient PowerQor module produces only half the dissipated heat of competing products and therefore does not require a heatsink to keep its components cool. With no heatsink and no thermal connections, the converter provides superior reliability while reducing space, height, weight, cost of use and application effort.

The PowerQor series product line includes output voltages of 15V, 12V, 5V, 3.3V, 2.5V, 2.0V, and 1.5V. All units draw power from a 48V nominal input (range: 36V to 75V) and deliver either 150 Watts or 30 amps to their output, without the need for a heatsink.

The PowerQor converters use MOSFET synchronous rectifiers, as well as a patent-pending, fixed switching frequency converter topology to achieve rectification with minimal loss, even at very low output voltages. PowerQor converters deliver 50% more power and current in a footprint that is one-half to two-thirds the size of the synchronous rectifier products currently available. With a power density of 68W/cubic inch, the PowerQor series provides 2.5 times the true power density of a typical DC-DC converter with a conventional 0.5" high heatsink.

The PowerQor converters are predominantly used in distributed and/or redundant power supply systems, where isolated low voltages are needed to power the load circuitry of complex electronic equipment. They feature a low profile (0.4" thick) and small footprint (2.3" x 2.4") allowing designers to maximize valuable board space and minimize spacing between boards in a rack configuration. With a low profile and no heatsink, the converter does not block airflow to other board components, thereby making the PowerQor unit easier to use. Additionally, the lower weight of the PowerQor converter (54g vs. 140g for a typical converter with a heatsink) significantly reduces the adverse affects of shock and vibration on the end product.

The PowerQor DC-DC converters have a calculated Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of >2 million hours. Their reliability is higher than conventional converters due in part to the absence of any explicit thermal connections between the power components and the baseplate and between the baseplate and the heatsink. With fewer parts, improved heat dissipation, and no thermal connections, the PowerQor converter is designed for maximum reliability.

UL 1950 recognized and CSA 22.2-234 and IEC 950 certified to the requirements of basic insulation and pollution degree 2, the PowerQor converters also meet 72/23/EEC and 93/68/EEC directives, facilitating CE Marking in the user's end product.

The PowerQor series converters use the industry standard pin-out configuration employed by comparably sized and rated DC-DC converters. Standard pin-outs allow easy adoption and integration into existing designs and also facilitate second source usage and off-the-shelf purchasing.

PowerQor DC-DC converters feature many practical control and protection features to facilitate system design. All PowerQor series products offer the following; On/Off control, remote sense, output voltage trim, input under-voltage l ockout, input over-voltage shutdown, output current limit, output over-voltage limit, and temperature limit.