Press Release


SynQor's new Dual Output Quarter-brick DC-DC converter delivers 60W with no heatsink


Hudson, Mass - SynQor announced today a dual output voltage, industry standard "quarter-brick" sized isolated DC-DC converter. The DualQor™ series is capable of delivering up to 60 Watts of total output power at 5V and 3.3V, without the need for an attached heatsink. The converter module employs synchronous rectification and a patented topology to achieve efficiencies up to 90%.

The DualQor converter has a 48V nominal input (35V to 75V range) and meets transient load requirements up to 100V for 100ms. The quarter-brick sized units can deliver up to 18 amps at 3.3Vout or 12 amps at 5.0Vout for a total of 60 Watts of output power. The converter features an industry-standard footprint of 1.45" x 2.3", a low profile of only 0.4" and the industry recognized pin out configuration.

SynQor's new dual output converter will complement their expanding line of single output, high-efficiency converters. Their unique no-baseplate, no-heatsink design offers lower height, weight, cost, and application effort while providing more useable power in less space. With no heatsink and no thermal connections, the converters provide superior reliability and ease of manufacturing. Advanced control and protection features include on/off control, voltage trim, short circuit, output over-voltage, and thermal shutdown. These features allow advanced functionality, while standard safety certifications allow easy integration into the end user's product.

The DualQor series of DC-DC converters is targeted towards the converging telecom and datacom markets. These companies require high power densities with multiple low output voltages to power today's next-generation communications products. SynQor is meeting these challenges by increasing efficiency and output power while reducing converter size and eliminating the need for a heatsink.

"The dual output converter is a natural extension of our patented high-efficiency technology and will allow us to service a wider variety of applications", says Martin Schlecht, SynQor CEO.