Press Release


SynQor Opens Engineering/Sales Center in Dallas Texas

Hudson, Mass. - To enhance support for their fast-growing DC-DC converter business, SynQor recently opened a new facility in Dallas, Texas. This new office will support engineering and sales for SynQor's PowerQor™ line of high-efficiency, no-heatsink required DC-DC converters.

The Texas facility will consist of an integrated team of experienced engineering and sales people. The design team will complement SynQor's Hudson, Mass. engineering group in broadening SynQor's product line. The sales group will focus on building and supporting SynQor's growing customer base.

"The Dallas office is essential to provide SynQor with a local base in a very important region of the DC-DC converter market," Martin Schlecht, CEO of SynQor said. "The Texas region is home to a large number of manufacturers of PCs and high-speed networking hardware that are driving Internet growth. Our high-efficiency, no-heatsink converters are an ideal match for their demanding power needs."

"The Texas office will focus on providing exceptional local customer support, which is critical to our success and our ability to grow," Schlecht added. "SynQor's policy is to engage our customers with the highest level of engineering resources to resolve design issues and provide application support. The Texas engineering and sales teams will jointly provide this high-level technical assistance for SynQor's customers."

The Dallas, Texas office is the latest stage in SynQor's facility expansion plan. The SynQor corporate headquarters in Hudson, Mass. recently tripled the existing floor space to accommodate growth. Regional sales directors and field engineers in California and the United Kingdom also support SynQor.