Press Release


SynQor announces 52.5V Half-brick DC-DC Converter for Power Over LAN Applications

Boxborough, MA SynQor announced today the release of a single output isolated DC-DC converter ideally suited for Power Over LAN, IP Telephony and isolated bus voltage applications. The standard half-brick module is part of the PowerQor Tera series and is capable of delivering 200 Watts of output power at 52.5V. The open frame converter employs synchronous rectification and a patented topology, providing excellent thermal performance and a full load efficiency of 92 percent.

The new Tera series converter is designed specifically to comply with the IEEE 802.3af standard for providing power over CAT5 LAN cabling to support next-generation VoIP phones and WLAN access points. In accordance with the specification, SynQor抯 module provides increased input-to-output isolation of 2,250Vdc while satisfying the low common-mode noise requirement of the IEEE specification. The converter supports a telecom input range of 35V to 75V and provides a precisely regulated output of 52.5Vdc. Additionally, the converter抯 output can be trimmed up 10% or down 20%, providing accurate voltage margining and custom outputs.

The module features an industry-standard footprint of 2.4 x 2.3 x 0.43 (61 x 58.4 x 11.3 mm) and the industry recognized pin out configuration. The half-brick sized unit delivers 200 Watts (3.85A) in a reliable open frame, single board package. The optional baseplated version has a standard height of 0.5 and allows for through the board mounting of a heatsink to provide additional usable power in severe thermal environments.

To satisfy larger power demands, each module is available in a full feature version, allowing active current sharing to attain higher power levels and N+1 redundancy. The full-feature converters include two extra pins to provide both an external clock and start-up synchronization capability to achieve better EMI characteristics and a more consistent start-up sequence.

SynQor抯 new half-bricks offer a wide operating temperature range of -40癈 to +100癈 and a calculated MTBF greater than 2.2 million hours. All converters in the Tera series carry a comprehensive set of international safety approvals, including EN60950 and UL/cUL60950. Control and protection features include on/off control, voltage trim, remote sense, input UVL, short circuit, current limit, output OVP, and thermal shutdown.