Press Release


SynQor Introduces wide input, 360W Half-brick DC Bus Converter

Provides 12V intermediate bus for Telecom applications

Boxborough, Mass SynQor, Inc. has announced the release of a wide input, regulated dc bus converter in a standard half-brick package. The BusQor HEA module can deliver up to 360 Watts of isolated power for use in 12V intermediate bus architectures. The wide input voltage range permits use in telecom applications that require a standard 35V-75V input. A patented regulation stage topology enables ultra high efficiency of 95% at full load while maintaining tight output regulation across a wide input range.

Unlike most standard unregulated bus converters, SynQor抯 HEA series accommodates a telecom input bus (35V75V), with 100V input transient capability. The modules provide an isolated step down voltage from 48V to 12V, while delivering 30 amps of current with tight regulation (+2.5% over sample, line, load & temp.). The HEA modules are ideal for designers who require multiple output voltages on their board and wish to use point of load converters with an intermediate bus. The wide input range makes it well suited for high-end telecom and central office applications operating from 48V battery plants. SynQor抯 HEA converters feature a trim down range of 50%, supporting a variety of intermediate bus voltages from 12V down to 6.0V. Users can then optimize their bus voltage and POL modules for output power, efficiency and board level distribution currents.

The HEA series is optimized to deliver a high level of useable output power across the full input voltage range. Efficiency levels of 95% remain virtually unchanged from low line to high line operation. 揥hen designing bus converters, there are typically significant trade-offs among input voltage range, output voltage regulation and converter efficiency, says Martin Schlecht, SynQor CEO. 揙ur BusQor HEA module is the first bus converter in the industry that accommodates the wide telecom input range while still maintaining tight output regulation and ultra high efficiency.

The standard half-brick package has a footprint of 2.3 x 2.4 (58.4 x 61mm) and has a low profile of 0.45 (11.2mm). SynQor offers the HEA converters in both open frame and baseplated versions with standard pin-outs and a reliable single board construction. SynQor also offers a 25A (300W) version for customers with slightly lower power requirements.

The unique and innovative design of the BusQor HEA converter, allows for flexibility of use in a variety of applications. The regulated fixed output and wide input, permit the module to operate like a standard isolated DC-DC converter, providing increased levels of useable power for traditional loads in the 6V-12V range. A single HEA half-brick can replace multiple bricks in parallel, allowing board and cost savings. Additionally, the modules achieve 2,250Vdc of isolation, making them suitable for Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications.

The BusQor HEA converters include a full complement of control and protection features such as remote on/off (positive/open), remote sense, voltage trim, input UVLO, over-current shutdown, output OVP, and thermal shutdown. The units are compliant with all relevant safety standards, including EN60950 and UL/cUL1950.