Press Release


SynQor introduces a higher output power version of its industry-leading iQor power input module for ATCA systems

Higher efficiency enables higher output power capability in the same quarter-brick package

Boxborough, MA - SynQor, Inc., announces the release of the IQ65033QGA12 ATCA power input module, a higher-powered version of the IQ65033QMA10, with the same industry-leading functionality, package size and pinout, supporting up to 12A of output current.

The new iQor interface module, when coupled with a Payload DC-DC Converter such as SynQor's PQ60120QZB33, results in the most comprehensive solution for ATCA board designs, with only fuses and hold-up capacitors needed externally to support the ATCA specifications.

All the classic functions of the original iQor are supported, including:

  • FET-based input Or'ing for high efficiency
  • Isolated 3.3V and 5V management power outputs, supporting blue LED drivers
  • Trimmable hold-up capacitor voltage with a range of 50 to 95VDC to reduce holdup capacitor size
  • Inrush control for supporting hot-swap directly
  • Two-stage conducted EMI filter designed to meet CISPR 22 Class B conducted noise levels
  • Over-current protection for main payload power output
  • Thermal shutdown protection for main output that leaves management power operational
  • Optional I2C interface for parameter reporting, including input voltage, load current and, temperature

Sample and production quantities are available for order .  For additional information, please contact your local SynQor representative or click here.