Press Release


SynQor Introduces Fully Regulated 12V DC-DC Converter To Target ATCA Applications

35-75Vin and over 96% efficiency offers up to 300W of output power

Boxborough, Mass. - May 17th 2006 - SynQor is pleased to announce the eagerly awaited release of the PQ60120QEA25, a 12V Bus Converter that raises the bar in terms of performance levels in this category, and that is ideally suited for designers working to the Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (ATCA) standards being developed by PICMG.

Overcoming some of the limitations of traditional Bus Converters, this Open Frame Quarter Brick sized device (58.4mm x 36.8mm) has a wide input range of 35-75V and produces a fully regulated 12V output capable of supplying up to 25A of Payload Power to the ATCA carrier card to feed downstream point of load converters in an IBA (Intermediate Bus Architecture) approach. The converter also lends itself to other applications needing high power 12V IBA, as well as to fan tray applications.

SynQor has been able to achieve groundbreaking efficiency levels in excess of 96%, which were previously only available from narrow input "Bus Converter" type devices. This exceptional level of efficiency remains stable from 25-100% load, meaning that power dissipation can be optimized across a very wide power range - an important consideration for ATCA Carrier Card designs employing multiple AMC slots.

The 300W maximum power rating, and the exceptional derating performance of this open frame device means that the existing limitation of 200W dissipation per Carrier Card specified in the ATCA standards can comfortably be provided up to 85C ambient temperature, with only 200LFM (1m/s) of airflow. It also enables board designers to exceed the existing 200W level if their needs dictate it and system level cooling allows.

The PQ60120QEA25 is capable of withstanding transients on the input to 100V for 100ms, and has a basic isolation level from input to output of 2250Vdc. Control and protection features include remote sense, a very wide output voltage trim range of -50% to +5%, input under-voltage lockout, output OVP, current limit, short circuit protection, and thermal shutdown. Operating temperature range is -40 to +100degC.

Sample and production quantities are available immediately with a stock to 8-week lead-time. The modules are priced at $69.00 in OEM quantities. For additional information, please contact your local SynQor representative.