Press Release


SynQor Introduces 25 Amp Eighth-brick DC-DC Converters

Offers cost and space saving replacement for Quarter-bricks

Hudson, Mass 鈥 SynQor, the technology leader in DC-DC converters, has introduced a new line of Eighth-brick DC-DC converters. The PowerQor Giga series Eighth-bricks can deliver up to 25 amps of total output current, without a heatsink. SynQor's eighth-brick series features a very low profile (8.5mm) and narrow footprint but retains the same pin out as the industry standard quarter-brick, allowing cost and space savings.

The EGL series operates from an input voltage of 35V to 75V and offers output voltages of 1.2V, 1.5V, 1.8V and 2.5V. Employing the established industry standard eighth-brick footprint and pin out, the unit measures 0.9" x 2.3" x 0.335", (22.9 x 58.4 x 8.5mm). The eighth-brick converters occupy only 60% of the board space of a standard quarter-brick, yet their ultra high efficiency results in better derating performance than most competitive 25-30A quarter-bricks and even some half-bricks. As a result the eighth-bricks can offer immediate cost and board space savings when replacing larger converters. The EGL converter series complements SynQor's existing line of 15 Amp eighth-bricks (EML series) and its broad range of quarter and half bricks to offer customers the most extensive range of high-efficiency DC-DC converter solutions.

SynQor's eighth-brick family is currently offered with through-hole mounting and will also be available in a surface mount configuration in late 2003. All SynQor converters are manufactured in their fully automated production facility in Hudson, MA.

The EGL converters include a full complement of control and protection features such as on/off control, voltage trim, remote sense, short circuit, output OVP, thermal shutdown and 2000Vdc isolation rating. These features allow advanced functionality, while standard safety certifications allow easy integration into the end user's product.