Press Release


SynQor Slashes Lead Times to as Low as Four Weeks

Hudson, Mass - SynQor, Inc., a leading manufacturer of next-generation, high-efficiency DC-DC power converters, has slashed lead times to only four weeks for their highest selling converter modules, which constitute the majority of their shipments. All other product lines will maintain a maximum six week lead time while the industry average still hovers around 10-15 weeks.

SynQor's 4-6 week lead times are not a result of merely inflating finished goods inventory. Just the opposite has occurred over the past 12 months as SynQor has reduced finished goods and decreased lead times. SynQor can offer such short lead times for their DC-DC converters due to high component commonality, simplicity of design, state of the art SMT production facilities, and extremely fast cycle times.

"SynQor's products have been designed, from the outset, to maximize the commonality of components", explains CEO Dr. Martin Schlecht. "That means we are never in the situation where we are waiting for specialized magnetics or a unique ASIC. We maintain an inventory of common parts, which enables us to be both fast and flexible in what modules we produce."

SynQor has further reduced their cycle time by properly designing a DC-DC converter suited for full SMT assembly. With a no-baseplate, single board construction, SynQor modules require no special handling, even the magnetic windings are built into the boards. This allows an extremely fast cycle time and a manufactured final product that is highly reliable and consistent.

SynQor has also invested in a world-class manufacturing facility. Their in-line flow manufacturing process allows hands free surface mount construction with minimal WIP handling. The resulting short cycle times allows both a high mix and high volume capacity for maximum flexibility.

"This is not a short term blip due to excess capacity from the economic downturn," assures Dr. Schlecht. "We have built our processes and designed our product to be able to support an ongoing 4-6 week lead time, even when economic growth returns to healthy levels."

In addition to consistently lowering lead times over the past year, SynQor has also managed to achieve 99% on-time delivery for the past four quarters.