Press Release


SynQor Introduces wide range input Half-brick Bus Converters

Offers 240W of power for Intermediate Bus Architectures

Hudson, Mass 鈥 SynQor, the technology leader in DC-DC converters, has introduced a series of high efficiency, high power, Half-brick DC-DC converters. The new 48V input Peta series modules can deliver up to 240 Watts of output power at 12V or 5V in a single board, open frame package. The Peta series converters achieve very high efficiency (>93%) and are ideal for creating an intermediate bus voltage for IBA applications requiring the full telco input range.

The PowerQor Peta half-brick line operates from a wide input voltage range of 36V to 75V (48V nominal) and offers tightly regulated outputs of 12V (20A) and 5.0V (45A). With 2000V of isolation, the converters can be used as single output DC-DC converter modules to power 5V and 12V applications or as a wide input bus converter. When used to create an intermediate bus voltage, the modules accommodate a standard telecom 48V input range and offer a regulated output of up to 240W of useable power. Non-isolated modules can then be used to create the low voltages required by the loads in the IBA application. The ultra high efficiency of SynQor's bus converter modules allows designers to keep the overall system efficiencies high while reducing cost and space by replacing several points of isolation with a single converter.

The PowerQor Peta modules employ the established industry standard half-brick pin-out and footprint, measuring 2.4" x 2.3" x 0.43", (61 x 58.4 x 10.8mm) and are reliably manufactured with a single board, open-frame construction. Each converter offers advanced control, safety and protection features including; on/off control, remote sense, no load operation, output voltage trim, input under-voltage and over-voltage lockout, output current limit, output over-voltage protection limit, temperature limit, as well as standard safety certifications.