Press Release


SynQor's new 250W Half-brick DC-DC converter targets Wireless Basestations


Hudson, Mass - SynQor announced today the release of two new industry standard half-brick sized isolated DC-DC converters targeted for wireless applications. The modules are part of the PowerQor鈩 Tera series and are capable of delivering high output power at 26V (250W) and 18V (165W). The converter modules employ synchronous rectification and a patented topology to achieve efficiencies of 92% at full load.

Each converter has a 48V nominal input (35V to 75V range) and meets input voltage transient requirements up to 100V for 100ms. The converters feature an industry-standard footprint of 2.4" x 2.3" x 0.43" and the industry recognized pin out configuration. The 18V output half-brick unit can deliver 165 Watts (9.2A) in an open frame, no heatsink package or an optional baseplated version. The 26V output module is available in a single board design with an attached baseplate, typically needed for wireless applications. The module has a height of 0.5" and can deliver 250 Watts of power (9.6A). Open frame versions of the 26V device are also available.

SynQor's new Tera series converters are targeted specifically towards wireless basestation applications. The 26V baseplated module is specially designed for use in a cold plate assembly, while also allowing through the board mounting of a standard or custom heatsink. Each module has a trim range of -20/+10%, serving the voltage needs of power amplifiers, which typically use a voltage range of 24V-28V and consume up to 1,000W of power. To satisfy the large power demands of wireless basestations, each module is available in a full feature version, allowing active current sharing to achieve the useable output power and redundancy needed for each power amplifier. The wide operating temperature range of -40掳C to +100掳C and an MTBF greater than 2.2 million hours makes the modules suitable for use in harsh environments. Additional applications include wireless transmitters and receivers, DSL line drivers, instrumentation and internetworking devices.

Advanced control and protection features include on/off control, remote sense, voltage trim, short circuit, input under-voltage lockout, output OVP, thermal shutdown and back-drive current limit protection.