270 Series Hi-Rel DC/DC Converters
     Full power operation at –55°C to +125°C meet high reliability needs of the military/aerospace markets
Single Output (155-475V) (FL Package)
1.5V 1.8V 2.5V 3.3V 5.0V 6.0V 7.5V 9.0V 12V 15V 28V
40A/60W 40A/72W 40A/100W 30A/100W 24A/120W 20A/120W 16A/120W 13A/117W 10A/120W 8A/120W 4A/112W
Dual Output (155-475V) (FL Package)
±5V ±12V ±15V
24A/120W 10A/120W 8.0A/120W
Single Output Bus Converter (155-450V) (FL Package)