MilQor 军品现货DC/DC转换器

    在–55°C 到 +100°C全功率输出,专为价格敏感的军品应用设计
MilQor Series Mil-COTS DC-DC Converters Mil-COTS的DC/DC转换器的推出,使得采用同步整流技术的SynQor高效率模块进入军用与航空应用领域。这种现成的转换器,采用工业标准封装,固定开关频率,非光耦隔离,严格执行元器件降额规范。设计和生产均达到军用标准。
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Package Dimension Drawings
Mil-COTS Screening
Screening Process Description Standard Military
Baseplate Operating Temperature   -55ºC to +100ºC -55ºC to +100ºC
Storage Temperature   -65ºC to +135ºC -55ºC to +135ºC
Pre-Cap Inspection IPC-610 Class III
Temperature Cycling Method 1010, Condition B, 10 Cycles N/A
Burn-In 100ºC Baseplate 12 Hours 96 Hours
Final Electrical Test 100% @ 25ºC -55ºC, +25ºC, +100 ºC
Final Visual Inspection Mil-STD-2008
Mil-COTS Qualification
Test Name Details # Tested
(# Failed)
Consistant with MIL-STD-883F Method Consistant with MIL-STD-883F Method 5005
Life Testing Visual, mechanical and electrical test before, during and after 1000 hour burn-in @full load 15 (0) Method 1005.8
Shock Vibration Visual, mechanical and electrical test before, during and after shock and vibration tests 5 (0) Mil-STD 202, Method 1
Humidity +85ºC, 85% RH, 1000 hours, 2 minutes on 6 hours off 8 (0) Method 1004.7
Temperature Cycling 500 cycles of -40ºC to +100ºC
(30 minute dwell at each temperature)
10 (0) Method 1010.8 Condition A
Solderability 15 Pins 15 (0) Method 2003
DMT -65ºC to +110ºC across full line, and load specifications in 5ºC steps 7 (0)