RailQor DC-DC转换器
RailQor Series Isolated DC-DC Converters RailQor系列DC-DC转换器是为了交通运输行业提供隔离直流电源的应用所设计,应用于LED显示屏、音频放大器、安全检测仪、照明和通信系统等电子设备,符合欧洲EN50155标准。这些转换器采用了SynQor的同步整流技术,获得了极高效率的行业领先性能。由于交通行业电源严峻的环境,SynQor设计了RailQor产品系列,在这些要求严苛的应用中实现更优化的性能。
Product Part Numbering Convention
Package Dimension Drawings
PRODUCT MATRIX  Input Voltage Range
  2:1 Vin 4:1 Vin 12:1 Vin
      Input Range: 9-36V          
        Max. Power: 180W           Input Range: 12-155V
        Eff. @12V: 91%   Input Range: 18-75V       Max. Power: 100W
            Max. Power: 120W     Eff. @12V: 85%
            Efficiency @ 12V: 93%        
                Input Range: 34-160V    
              Max. Power: 120W    
  Input Range: 42-110V           Eff. @12V: 91%    
Input Range: 66-160V    Max. Power: 255W                
Max. Power: 325W   Eff. @12V: 93%                
Eff. @12V: 93%                    

Product Highlights
  • High Efficiency up to 93%
  • Input Voltage Ranges: 9-36V, 18-75V, 12-155V, 42-110V, 34-160V, 40-160V, & 66-160V
  • Output Power Up to 325W
  • Fixed Frequency Switching, Low Output Noise 
  • No Minimum Load Requirement
  • Remote On/Off Control
  • Output Voltage Trim Range +10% to -20%
  • Up to 2000Vrms and 100ΩM Input-to-Output Isolation
  • High Power Density Means Smaller Size, More Board Area for Other Functions
  • Low Weight Reduces Strain During Vibration
  • SynQor抯 Proven Designs Lead to High Reliability and Quality
  • Single Board Production - Short Lead Times & Flexibility
  • Manufacturing Excellence - High Level of Automation Improves Lead Times, Flexibility and Reliability