The Media Center pages provide information needed by agents of the press community as well as SynQor's business partners.  The Media Center offers downloadable logo and graphic files, biographies and PR contact information.  For a full listing of available press releases, see the Press Releases page.

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You are welcome to download and publish SynQor photos at no charge but we request that you include an acknowledgement to SynQor, Inc. Each photo is available as a high resolution 300 dpi JPEG suitable for high quality printing. Before downloading, please read the terms of use below:

TERMS OF USE: SynQor's press photos may be used for editorial purposes only. Copyright of all photos belong to SynQor, Inc. Commercial use or sale of the photos in printed or digital form is prohibited, even if the image is electronically manipulated. Pictures used for editorial purposes should include an acknowledgement to SynQor, Inc.

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2,187 KB
Military-Grade Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

1,478 KB
RailQor converters for Railway Applications

1,778 KB
Full Patient Contact 1400W Medical Grade Power Supply

961 KB
High Power Military COTS Half Bricks

1,762 KB
CFQor DC-DC Converters for CF Body Contact and Defibrillation Pulse Applications

5,485 KB
High Power Industrial Half Brick Converter

720 KB
Quarter Brick DC-DC with Extremely High-Power Conversion Efficiency

2,561 KB
High Efficiency DC-DC Power Converter with 8:1 Input Range

2,329 KB
CF Body Contact and Defibrillation Pulse Medical Grade Power Supply

576 KB
Military-Grade UPS in transport case

2,212 KB
Mil-COTS Converters in Half Brick, Quarter Brick, and Sixteenth Brick Packages

3,662 KB
BusQor® semi-regulated bus converters

813 KB
InQor Industrial and Transportation Applications

964 KB
iQor ATCA Power Interface Module

1,274 KB
Hi-Rel Series Extended Input Range/ Under-Voltage Transients

1,279 KB
Isolated Full Brick

708 KB
Ultra high power density 600W Half Brick

1,179 KB
Sixteenth-Brick DC-DC Converters

1,123 KB
Cost-optimized 50W Eighth Brick

1,044 KB
Hi-Rel Extended Input Range DC-DC Converters & Filters

2,974 KB
Medical products

462 KB

462 KB

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