This page provides information needed by agents of the press community as well as SynQor business partners. The media center offers downloadable logo and graphic files, biographies and PR contact information. For a full listing of available press releases, see the press release page.

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Media Center

Public Relations Contact Information

SynQor Marketing
SynQor Worldwide Headquarters
155 Swanson Road
Boxborough, MA 01719-1316
Phone: 978-849-0600
Fax: 978-849-0602

SynQor Corporate Logos

download now
2-Color download now150 KB download now108 KB download now271 KB
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Black and White download now51 KB download now73 KB download now511 KB
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Reversed download now154 KB download now105 KB download now675 KB

SynQor logo color: The red stripe used in the SynQor "Q" is PMS Red 485. The CMYK % is C-0, M-100, Y-91, K-0. The RGB composition is R-223, G-0, B-50.

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Product and PR Graphic Downloads

You are welcome to download and publish SynQor photos at no charge but we request that you include an acknowledgement to SynQor, Inc. Each photo is available as a high resolution 300 dpi JPEG suitable for high quality printing. Before downloading, please read the terms of use below:

TERMS OF USE: SynQor's press photos may be used for editorial purposes only. Copyright of all photos belong to SynQor, Inc. Commercial use or sale of the photos in printed or digital form is prohibited, even if the image is electronically manipulated. Pictures used for editorial purposes should include an acknowledgement to SynQor, Inc.

Press Release Graphics

HQ Download
Full Patient Contact 500W Medical Grade Power Supply
download now3134 KB
Next-generation dc-dc high efficiency half brick power converters
download now2455 KB
Quarter Brick dc-dc with extremely high power conversion efficiency
download now1533 KB
High efficiency dc-dc power converter with an eight to one range
download now1325 KB
iQor ATCA Power Interface Module
download now963 KB
Isolated Full Brick
download now1279 KB
MilQor High Reliability product family
download now1274 KB
6-16Vin, 0.75-5.5Vout NiQor SMT
download now433 KB
2.4-6Vin, 0.75-3.6Vout NiQor SMT
download now433 KB
BusQor 413W Quarter-brick
download now1384 KB
SynQor Brochure Cover
download now418 KB
Sixteenth-brick Giga
download now1276 KB
3.3Vin Eighth-brick Exa
download now1346 KB
12Vin Quarter-brick Exa
download now369 KB
24-60Vin Quarter-brick Giga
download now 1,069 KB
24-75Vin Quarter-brick
download now2,102 KB
High Current Quarter-brick Pin Out
download now253 KB
200W 52.2V Half-brick
download now2,740 KB
BusQor 360W Half-brick
download now2,592 KB
NiQor 12Vin SIP & SMT
download now2,126 KB
NiQor 3.0-5.5Vin SIP
download now1,728 KB
DOSA 16th Brick Footprint
download now129 KB
60 Amp Quarter-brick Peta
download now2.5 KB
Eighth-brick Giga Expansion
download now2,108 KB
Boxborough Corporate Facility
download now1,383 KB
100 Amp Half-brick Peta
download now2,400 KB
Half-brick Peta Bus converter
download now3,100 KB
DualQor Quarter-brick Giga
download now1,500 KB
25 Amp Eighth-brick Giga
download now2,468 KB
26V Half-brick Tera
download now1,361 KB
NiQor Non-isolated SIP
download now1,624 KB
15 Amp Eighth-brick Mega
download now919 KB
BusQor 240W Bus Converter
download now2,100 KB
15 Amp Quarter-brick Mega
download now596 KB
40 Amp Quarter-brick Tera
download now1,600 KB
DualQor Quarter-brick Mega
download now2,370 KB
Half-brick Kilo, Mega, Giga
download now2,100 KB
24Vin Quarter-brick Giga
download now908 KB
60 Amp Half-brick Tera
download now839 KB

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Product Shots

JPEG Download
ACuQor500W Medical Grade Power Supply
download now1474 KB
Quarter Brick dc-dc with extremely high power conversion efficiency
download now5152 KB
Eight to one range Half brick dc-dc highly efficient power converter
download now879 KB
PowerQor Half-brick
download now775 KB
PowerQor Quarter-brick
download now640 KB
PowerQor Eighth-brick
download now379 KB
DualQor Quarter-brick
download now322 KB
BusQor Bus Converter
download now655 KB
NiQor Non-isolated SIP
download now646 KB
NiQor Non-isolated SMT
download now136 KB
Mil-COTS 28Vin DC-DC Converter
download now1727 KB
CF Grade Isolated DC-DC Converters
download now 434 KB

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Author Biographies

Photograph (JPEG)
Martin Schlecht
Download now1,101 KB

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