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Corporate Officers


Process-centered Organization

Much of SynQor's success derives from its unique organization as a team-based, process-centered enterprise. Simply stated, SynQor is organized and managed by first asking the question: what is the desired result? A process is then designed to achieve that result, with an assembled team of people who possess the diverse skills necessary to perform the job. This team works to achieve the desired result and to continually improve both its own performance and the design of the process.

Starting with a customer focus, SynQor has created six "customer processes" that fulfill the needs of its customers. These processes are called "Product Marketing", "Product Evolution", "Order Acquisition", "New Product/Process Introduction", "Order Fulfillment" and "Manufacturing". All six interact directly with SynQor's customers and the other processes to facilitate proper communications and achieve successful results. A seventh core process, "Quality and Reliability" is integral to the entire organization, ensuring product and process quality throughout the company. Additional "Infrastructure Processes" within SynQor support this work.

SynQor's teams are staffed with highly skilled, power industry veterans, whose competencies span the range of engineering, manufacturing, sales and marketing. Each team is empowered and responsible for performing its process. The end result is an organization that is customer focused and highly efficient, working to continually improve processes that are scalable and repeatable to support the high level of growth that SynQor has maintained throughout its history.

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Corporate Officers

Martin F. Schlecht - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Prior to founding SynQor, Dr. Schlecht held the position of Professor of Electrical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he specialized in power electronics and modular DC-DC converters. For over 15 years, his research focused on next generation product technology. In addition to his teaching and research, Dr. Schlecht has served as a consultant to the power electronics industry. Dr. Schlecht serves on the Technical Advisory Board of Siliconix, and has been on the board of directors of two power supply companies, as well as the board of the Power Sources Manufacturing Association (PSMA). Dr. Schlecht holds SBEE, SMEE and ScD degrees from MIT.

Rene Hemond - President

Mr. Hemond joined SynQor in 1998 as the team leader for New Product Introduction. He brings 15 years of power electronics experience in the defense industry, with a strong focus on integrating product design, development and manufacturing. Most recently, he worked with SynQor's founder, Dr. Martin Schlecht, developing high-density power supplies for aerospace applications. Mr. Hemond has also held engineering positions at Unitrode and Raytheon where his projects included the AAMRAM, SM-2, Sparrow, and Stinger missiles as well as the Honeywell space station. He is a member of the IEEE Engineering Management, Power Electronics, Reliability, and Packaging Technology Societies. Mr. Hemond received his BSEE from the University of Rhode Island.

Buzz Hofmann - Executive Vice President

Mr. Hofmann joined SynQor in January, 2001 as its Vice President of General Counsel. Prior to joining SynQor, Mr. Hofmann was a Partner and member of the Executive Committee of the Boston law firm Nutter, McClennen & Fish, LLP, which serves as outside counsel to the Company. Mr. Hofmann specialized in the areas of technology start-ups, venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, international transactions and corporate finance. Mr. Hofmann holds a J.D. degree, magna cum laude, from Syracuse University College of Law where he was a member of the Law Review and Order of the Coif, and a B.A., with Distinction, from the University of Virginia.

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