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09/20/2018 See SynQor® at the 2018 Aircraft Interiors Expo (Boston, USA) September 2018!
09/12/2018 SynQor® Announces a New N+M Redundancy Feature for its Advanced Military-Grade UPS Product Line
09/04/2018 See SynQor® at 2018 InnoTrans (Berlin, Germany) September 2018!
09/04/2018 See SynQor® at 2018 Land Forces (Victoria, Australia) September 2018!
04/03/2018 SynQor® Releases an Advanced Military-Grade Compact 4 kW Inverter (MINV-4000)
02/22/2018 SynQor® Releases an Advanced Military-Grade DC Output Power UPS (UPS-1250)
02/12/2018 SynQor® Improves the "cold storage" rating of its Military-Grade Uninterruptible Power Supply and Expansion Battery Modules
01/02/2018 SynQor® Releases a Shallow Rack Version of its Advanced Technology Military-Grade UPS
08/23/2017 SynQor® Introduces I2C to its 3U 28 Vin VPX
06/29/2017 SynQor® Releases a 3000 W Military-Grade Expansion Battery Module
06/06/2017 SynQor® Releases a 325 W Isolated Power Factor Correction Module
03/29/2017 See SynQor® at Sea-Air-Space and LAAD 2017!
10/26/2016 SynQor's Medical line of Power Supplies now compliant to IEC60601-1:2014 (4th edition)
07/13/2016 SynQor Releases a True 3-Phase 1500 W Power Factor Correction Module
03/29/2016 SynQor Releases 350 W Military Power Factor Correction Modules
02/11/2016 SynQor Releases 500 W Power Interface Module with EMI Filter for ATCA Applications
02/02/2016 SynQor at Singapore Airshow 2016
01/11/2016 SynQor Releases a 4,000 W, 3-Phase Military AC-DC Power Supply
01/05/2016 SynQor’s Latest High Voltage, Non-Isolated DC-DC Converter
11/17/2015 SynQor's Mil-COTS High-Voltage, Non-Isolated Converters
11/03/2015 SynQor Releases 6U 270Vdc Input Multiple-Output VITA 62 VPX Power Supplies
09/30/2015 SynQor at PACIFIC and AUSA 2015
09/08/2015 Come See SynQor at DSEI, Sept 2015!
05/21/2015 SynQor Releases a Powerful Addition to its Advanced Technology Military-Grade UPS
04/23/2015 SynQor Announces Reversal by Patent Trial and Appeal Board
04/07/2015 See SynQor at LAAD & Sea-Air-Space in April 2015!
03/26/2015 SynQor Announces Updated Trial Schedule and Corrects Misinformation
03/16/2015 SynQor Revolutionizes the Mil/Aero Market with its Extremely High-Density and High-Efficiency Hi-Rel Bus Converters
03/16/2015 SynQor Revolutionizes the Mil/Aero Market with its Extremely High-Density and High-Efficiency Hi-Rel Bus Converters
02/17/2015 SynQor Develops Higher Power Versions of its RailQor DC-DC Converters for Rail Transportation Applications
01/22/2015 SynQor Introduces its 5 Watt Hi-Rel Isolated/Regulated DC-DC Converter for Critical Military Applications in a Compact Package
12/04/2014 SynQor's UPS-1500 Now Capable of Delivering Full Power to an Optional DC Output
10/30/2014 SynQor Releases High Voltage DC-DC Bus Converters and Buck/Boost Regulators to the Mil-COTS Market
07/10/2014 SynQor Announces its New Line of Military COTS Demi-Brick Size Converters
06/13/2014 SynQor Announces its New Line of High Power Military COTS Quarter Bricks
05/08/2014 SynQor's UPS Product Line Now Features Ethernet & SNMP Functionality
04/17/2014 SynQor Expands Its Portfolio of High Voltage NiQor Products with the Release of the NQ60W60HGC40 Non-isolated Converter
02/25/2014 SynQor Announces VITA 62 VPX Power Supplies
11/19/2013 SynQor Prevails in Supreme Court
11/01/2013 See SynQor at MILCOM'13!
10/17/2013 SynQor Introduces New Line of DC-DC Configurable Assemblies
09/19/2013 PTO Upholds SynQor Patent
08/19/2013 SynQor IBA Patent Upheld by PTO
07/17/2013 SynQor releases a new line of its Mil-COTS half-brick transient EMI filters
06/25/2013 SynQor releases 700W Half-Brick Power Factor Correction Module
05/17/2013 SynQor Announces Denial of Defendants' Motions for Rehearing
03/27/2013 SynQor Commences New Patent Suit Against Cisco
03/15/2013 SynQor Prevails in Appeal of Patent Litigation
09/05/2012 SynQor Increases the Power Level of its Military COTS 270Vin DC-DC Full-Brick Converters by 33% to 800W
07/23/2012 SynQor and Murata Settle Claims Relating to IBA Patent Litigation
07/11/2012 SynQor's Medical line of Power Supplies and DC-DC converters are now TÜV/SÜD certified compliant to IEC60601-1:2005 (3rd edition)
04/09/2012 SynQor Reaches Bus Converter License Agreement with HP
02/10/2012 SynQor Named Finalist of the Prestigious UBM Electronics ACE Awards in the Power Category
02/07/2012 SynQor and Lineage Power Settle IBA Patent Litigation
10/11/2011 SynQor Introduces a New Line of Advanced Technology Military-Grade UPS Units
10/05/2011 SynQor Prevails on Post-Judgment Motions; New IBA Case Opened
10/04/2011 SynQor Awarded New IBA Patent; New Patent Added to Lawsuit Against Vicor
09/26/2011 SynQor Introduces New Product Line for Transportation Market
09/06/2011 SynQor Announces its latest Technological Breakthrough in a Full Patient Contact 1400W Medical Grade Power Supply
08/19/2011 Court Enters Final Judgment
08/18/2011 SynQor and Lineage Settle Certain Patent Litigation
08/17/2011 SynQor introduces a higher output power version of its industry-leading iQor power input module for ATCA systems
08/02/2011 SynQor Introduces a New Line of High Power Military COTS Half-Bricks
07/21/2011 SynQor Introduces a New Line of High Power Industrial Half-Bricks
07/13/2011 SynQor Awarded Supplemental Damages/Certain Defendants Sanctioned
05/18/2011 SynQor Presses Ahead With Lawsuit Against Vicor and Cisco After Settlement With Ericsson
05/16/2011 SynQor and Ericsson Settle Litigation
05/05/2011 SynQor Reaches Agreement with Fujitsu in Bus Converter Litigation
04/13/2011 Court of Appeals Rules on Stay of Permanent Injunction
03/23/2011 Permanent Injunction Issued by Federal District Court
12/22/2010 Synqor Prevails in Patent Litigation
11/17/2010 The case for efficient electronics manufacturing in the United States (from NOV10 Military & Aerospace Magazine )
02/25/2010 SynQor Introduces CF Grade Isolated DC-DC Converters
12/14/2009 SynQor Introduces 28Vin DC-DC Converters to the Mil-COTS Market
11/05/2009 SynQor announces the release of several new entries in its SQ60 series, expanding its BusQor family of isolated semi-regulated dc-dc converters for intermediate bus architecture applications
09/29/2009 SynQor Develops Highest Power and Efficiency Quarter Brick DC-DC Converter Series for Railway Applications
09/14/2009 SynQor's High-Reliability 28V DC-DC Converters for Military Applications Offer Extended Input Range Handles Under-Voltage Transients of 5.5V for 1s; MilQor® Hi-Rel Series Offers Efficiencies up to 91%
08/31/2009 SynQor Develops Versatile Family of Sixteenth-Brick DC-DC Converters
08/14/2009 SynQor Establishes New Benchmark with Super-Wide 8:1 Input Range DC-DC Converters
07/28/2009 SynQor High-Reliability, 270V DC-DC Converters Provide 120W of Power While Reducing Dissipated Heat 50%
07/14/2009 SynQor Releases Full Portfolio of DC-DC Solutions for 12V Battery Systems InQor® industry-standard half and quarter brick formats; 11 output voltages; 4 power levels
06/22/2009 SynQor Reconfirms Commitment to Telecom Market with Introduction of Low-Cost DC-DC Converters
06/04/2009 SynQor Develops the First Extended Input Range DC-DC Converters & Filters Specifically for Military Applications
08/13/2008 SynQor Announces its latest Technological Breakthrough in a Full Patient Contact 500W Medical Grade Power Supply
08/05/2008 SynQor Introduces 336W Semi-Regulated Quarter Brick
05/28/2008 SynQor Expands Eighth Brick PowerQor Family with 2.5V/35A Low Profile Device
01/09/2008 SynQor Announces 600W Half Brick DC-DC for IBA Applications
11/16/2007 SynQor Announces Patent Infringement Lawsuit
10/31/2007 SynQor Announces World's Smallest Full Patient Contact 400W Medical Grade Power Supply
09/26/2007 SynQor Expands 24V Output Offering
09/12/2007 SynQor Extends NiQor POL Range by Delivering 30A of Output Current
08/29/2007 SynQor Offers 24V Output Eighth-brick
08/15/2007 SynQor Completes Product Offering for Railway Applications
08/01/2007 SynQor Addresses 24V Industrial Marketplace
07/11/2007 SynQor Delivers Industry's Smallest Power Input Module Design for ATCA Applications
06/27/2007 SynQor Expands offering for Railway & Transportation Applications
06/13/2007 Nu Horizons Electronics to Distribute SynQor Products in North America
05/30/2007 SynQor Introduces DC-DC Converters for Railway & Transportation Applications
05/16/2007 Offering Industry's Highest Efficiency Full Brick for RF Power Amplifier Applications
05/02/2007 SynQor Introduces 4:1 Input Voltage Devices
04/18/2007 Releasing DC-DC Converters for Industrial Market
04/03/2007 SynQor Introduces High-Efficiency DC-DC Converters and EMI Filters to the High-Reliability Marketplace
03/28/2007 SynQor Grows Sixteenth Brick Range
01/24/2007 SynQor Introduces DOSA Compliant POL Devices
01/19/2007 SynQor Expands Sixteenth Brick Family
08/23/2006 SynQor Adds 9.6V 43A Bus Converter
08/14/2006 SynQor Releases Comprehensive New Product Brochure
05/31/2006 SynQor's Sixteenth Brick Provides up to 66W
05/31/2006 SynQor's 3.3V/30A Eighth Brick Packs More Power
05/17/2006 SynQor Introduces Fully Regulated 12V DC-DC Converter To Target ATCA Applications
05/03/2006 SynQor Introduces 54V Converter To Drive PoE Applications
04/19/2006 SynQor introduces 28V Output Converter that reduces Power Dissipation by up to 40%
03/27/2006 SynQor adds 12V, 16A Eighth Brick to its BusQor Family
02/09/2006 SynQor adds 8V output to its Ultra Wide Input Converters for Wireless Applications
01/24/2006 SynQor Introduces 12V/7A SMT Non-Isolated DC-DC Converter for IBA Applications
10/19/2005 SynQor Introduces 12V/75W Eighth Brick for IBA Applications
09/27/2005 53V Output Converter from SynQor ideally suited for PoE and VoIP Applications
07/20/2005 SynQor, Inc. Expands Support in China with New Sales Office in Shanghai
05/03/2005 18-60V Input Converter Optimised for Wireless Base Station Applications
03/01/2005 SynQor Introduces Ultra Wide Input Converters to Address Wireless Applications
02/01/2005 SynQor expands its Range of High Current Quarter-brick DC-DC Converters
01/14/2005 Tyco Electronics Power Systems and SynQor announce Alignment with PMBusTM Initiative for Enhanced DOSA-Led On-Board Digital Power Management Architecture
10/29/2004 DOSA Establishes Standard Footprint for High Current Quarter-brick DC-DC Converters
10/15/2004 SynQor introduces 2.5V and 3.3V Half-brick DC-DC Converters up to 80 Amps
09/10/2004 SynQor announces 52.5V Half-brick DC-DC Converter for Power Over LAN Applications
07/29/2004 SynQor Releases 3 new Quarter-brick DC-DC Converters for Telecom Applications
07/09/2004 SynQor Introduces wide input, 360W Half-brick DC Bus Converter
06/03/2004 SynQor Introduces 12V input, Point-of-Load DC-DC Converters
04/30/2004 SynQor Introduces Wide-Input, Point-of-Load DC-DC Converters
03/18/2004 SynQor introduces High Current Quarter-brick DC-DC Converters
10/22/2003 SynQor Opens 100,000 sq. ft. Corporate Headquarters and Manufacturing Facility
09/15/2003 SynQor Introduces 100 Amp Half-brick DC-DC Converters
08/20/2003 SynQor Introduces wide range input Half-brick Bus Converters
06/20/2003 SynQor Introduces Independently Regulated Dual Output Quarter-bricks
04/30/2003 SynQor Introduces 25 Amp Eighth-brick DC-DC Converters
03/3/2003 SynQor's new 250W Half-brick DC-DC converter targets Wireless Basestations
01/24/2003 SynQor Introduces Non-Isolated SIP DC-DC Converters
11/12/2002 SynQor announces Lead-Free DC-DC Converter Production
11/12/2002 SynQor Slashes Lead Times to as Low as Four Weeks
11/12/2002 SynQor implements component traceability
10/3/2002 SynQor Obtains Preliminary Injunctive Relief Against Ericsson
09/20/2002 SynQor introduces Eighth-Brick DC-DC Converter
09/20/2002 SynQor appoints Charlie Landino to lead Technical Services Group
07/24/2002 SynQor Announces New Members to the Board of Directors
06/6/2002 SynQor's Dual Output Quarter-brick DC-DC converter delivers 60W at +12V/-12V
06/27/2002 SynQor CEO Martin Schlecht Named as Finalist in Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards
03/28/2002 SynQor Introduces 1.2V output module for 60A series of Half-Brick DC-DC Converters
03/13/2002 SynQor Named EDN 2001 Innovation of the Year Winner
03/13/2002 SynQor Receives $18 Million Investment from Morgan Stanley Capital Partners
02/19/2002 SynQor's new Dual Output Quarter-brick DC-DC converter delivers 40W at 3.3V & 2.5V
02/4/2002 SynQor introduces low profile 15 Amp Quarter-brick DC-DC Converter
01/21/2002 SynQor Named as Finalist in 2001 EDN Innovation of the Year Award
09/28/01 SynQor Introduces Industry's First 40 Amp Quarter-Brick DC-DC  Converter
04/12/2001 SynQor's new Dual Output Quarter-brick DC-DC converter delivers 60W with no heatsink
03/1/2001 SynQor named as Finalist in EDN Innovation of the Year Award
01/26/2001 SynQor delivers fully scalable Kilo, Mega, Giga half-brick DC-DC converter series
12/7/2000 SynQor named to EDN's List of 100 Hot Products for 2000
10/10/2000 SynQor Receives ISO-9001 Registration
08/1/2000 SynQor Introduces 24 Volt Input Quarter-brick Converters
05/24/2000 SynQor Opens Engineering/Sales Center in Dallas Texas
4/19/2000 SynQor Introduces 60 Amp Tera Half-brick Converters
03/14/2000 SynQor Names as Finalist in EDN "Innovation of the Year" Competition
01/27/2000 SynQor Receives Electronic Products "1999 Product of the Year" Award
10/19/1999 SynQor and Delta Announce Strategic Alliance in DC-DC Converter Market
08/25/1999 SynQor Announces 25 Amp PowerQor Quarter-brick DC-DC Converters
07/19/1999 SynQor Announces 40 Amp PowerQor Half-brick DC-DC Converters
02/22/1999 SynQor Introduces the PowerQor series of High-Efficiency, No Heatsink DC-DC Converters