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PTO Upholds SynQor Patent

Boxborough, MA - SynQor announced today that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ("PTO") issued an Action Closing Prosecution confirming the patentability of all of the claims in SynQor's U.S. patent 8,023,290 (the "'290 patent").  These claims relate to unregulated Intermediate Bus Architecture ("IBA").  The PTO's action reverses its earlier rejection of claims of the '290 patent in the inter partes reexamination proceeding initiated by Vicor Corporation.  Reexamination Control No. 95/001,861.

In its decision, the PTO stated: "The examiner withdraws the rejections for the reasons explained by the [Appeal] Board [in its decision in a] related proceeding 95/001,207, Murata Manufacturing Co. v. SynQor, Inc., Appeal No. 2012-012209 (P.T.A.B. Aug. 19, 2013)".

Dr. Martin F. Schlecht, Chief Executive Officer of SynQor, commented: "The findings in the PTO Appeal Board's recent ruling against Murata that upheld the patentability of our '190 patent have now been similarly applied to another SynQor IBA patent, in this case one where the reexamination was requested by Vicor.  We expect this process to continue for all of the remaining SynQor IBA patents under reexamination."

Inquiries concerning the foregoing should be directed to Arthur R. Hofmann, Jr., SynQor's Executive Vice President and General Counsel.

Click here to see the Action Closing Prosecution (01837393) document.

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