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SynQors Mil-COTS High-Voltage, Non-Isolated Converters

Boxborough, MA - SynQor is pleased to announce the release of its latest Mil-COTS high-voltage non-isolated DC-DC converter.

The MCOTS-N-28V-60-QT non-isolated regulated DC-DC Converter offers a 9-60V input voltage range, a 0-60V output range and a maximum input or output current rating of 25A (giving a maximum output power of up to 1500W).  It is housed in a ruggedized quarter-brick package, has an operating temperature range of -55°C to 100°C, and a storage temperature range of -65°C to 135°C.  It is available in two screening grade options.

This quarter-brick sized buck-boost DC-DC converter provides the engineer with higher efficiency, more power and more design flexibility.  The converter can be used alone or in combination with isolated bus converters to provide high-density power solutions.  This converter is also ideal for battery charging applications.

The output voltage is user selectable via an external resistor from 0V to 60V (when the input voltage is within the range of 9V - 60V).  The converter also features a settable output current limit from 0A to 25A (as long as the input current does not exceed 25A).  The converter's efficiency and maximum output current are dependent on the input and output voltage.  Please refer to the data sheet for performance based on your specific application requirements.

The Mil-COTS high-voltage non-isolated DC-DC converter product line will soon be extended further with the addition of the MCOTS-N-28VE-90-QT quarter-brick converter, which will have a 9-90V input voltage range and 0-90V output voltage range and an input/output current rating of 18A.

SynQor's high-voltage non-isolated converters are available for evaluation and purchase.  For information please visit or contact your local SynQor representative.

About SynQor: Located in Boxborough, MA USA, SynQor is a leading supplier of power conversion solutions to the military, avionics, transportation, medical, industrial, telecommunications and computing markets.  SynQor's innovative products are designed to exceed the demanding performance, quality, and reliability requirements of today's power electronic engineers who develop leading-edge infrastructure hardware.   SynQor provides all the power conversion modules needed to build a power system, and it also provides complete power systems.  SynQor's capabilities include both standard and custom solutions, and it delivers them with industry leading service and support.   SynQor's total commitment to quality, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement drives our business processes.

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