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SynQor Introduces 336W Semi-Regulated Quarter Brick

Delivers 12V/28A at 95% efficiency from full telecom input of 36-75V for Intermediate Bus Architecture (IBA) applications

Boxborough, MA - August 5th 2008 - SynQor, Inc. extends its class leading BusQor range of isolated Intermediate Bus Converters targeting IBA applications with the announcement of the SQ60120QPA28. This high power density (208W/in3), quarter brick sized device (1.45"x2.30"x0.483") offers a semi-regulated output of 12Vdc up to a maximum rating of 28A with little or no derating necessary. The input voltage of 36-75V exceeds the requirements of 48/60V telecom systems.

Designed to supply the intermediate bus voltage to downstream non-isolated Point of Load (POL) converters, the SQ60120QPA28 has a maximum output variation of 10.6V to 12.7V across sample, line, load, temperature and life - well within the range of devices such as SynQor's NiQor POL devices. This optimizes the efficiency of both the Bus Converter and the POL's across the input voltage range, enabling superior system efficiencies.

The SQ60120QPA28 is capable of withstanding transients on the input to 100V for 100ms, and has a basic isolation level from input to output of 2000Vdc. Control and protection features input under-voltage lockout, input over-voltage shutdown, output OVP, current limit, short circuit and thermal shutdown protection. Full operating temperature range of the device is -40 to +100°C, and it is fully RoHS 6/6 compliant.

Sample and production quantities are available immediately with a stock to 8 week lead-time. The SQ60120QPA28 is priced at $72 in 1k quantities. For additional information, please contact SynQor directly.

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