EMI Filter Modules

EMI Filters for InQor DC-DC converters

EMI Filter Modules for Industrial Applications from SynQor SynQor provides EMI filters for the InQor series DC-DC converters. All EMI filters provide >80dB differential mode attenuation and >36dB or >60dB common mode attenuation (model dependent) and include stabilizing bulk capacitors and damping resistors.
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InQor DC Filters
  Model Number   Input Voltage Output
Isolation Voltage
(to case)
DC Resistance
@ 100°C
Differential Mode
Common Mode Attenuation Pkg
Size 2
Continuous     Surge   1 (<100ms) 
IQ040PFQTx30 ±40V ±50V 30A 2250V 20mΩ >80dB @ 250kHz >36dB @ 250kHz QB
IQ080PFQTx20 ±80V ±100V 20A 2250V 32mΩ >80dB @ 250kHz >36dB @ 250kHz QB
IQ200PFQTx10 ±200V ±250V 10A 2250V 70mΩ >80dB @ 250kHz >50dB @ 250kHz QB
IQ500PFQTx04 ±500V ±630V 4.0A 2500V 180mΩ >80dB @ 500kHz >50dB @ 500kHz QB
Note 1 While the passive filters can withstand these long-duration surge voltages, the surge voltage will be passed to the filterís load. Care should therefore be taken to make sure that the load will also be able to withstand any applied surges. The transient suppression filters block surges of either polarity, as specified in their data sheets
Note 2
  • QB -> Quarter Brick
  • HB -> Half Brick
InQor AC Filters
  Model Number   Input Voltage Current Output
Isolation Voltage
(to case)
Maximum Series
Differential Mode
Common Mode
ACLF060HTx230 85 to 264 Vrms 9.0 Arms 1 kW @ 115 Vrms
2 kW @ 230 Vrms
1500Vac 180mΩ @ 100°C >55dB @ 250kHz >55dB @ 250kHz HB
ACLFUNVETx230 85 to 264 Vrms 5.0 Arms 500 W @ 115 Vrms
1 kW @ 230 Vrms
1500Vac 180mΩ @ 100°C >55dB @ 250kHz >40dB @ 250kHz EB
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