SynQor’s® New Additions to its Mil-COTS 270 Vin DC-DC Product Family - MCOTS-C-270-[40,60]-HE

October 5, 2023

Boxborough, MA – October 5, 2023 – SynQor, Inc., announces new additions to its MCOTS product line: the MCOTS-C-270-40-HE & MCOTS-C-270-60-HE. These new compact, high efficiency, high power, half brick DC-DC converters are based on SynQor’s next generation, isolated, fixed frequency synchronous rectifier technology. The superior power density of these modules allows for more efficient layout optimization where space is a critical consideration. These MIL-STD-704 compliant converters are capable of down-converting 155-425 Vdc input voltage to an adjustable output between 10-40 Vdc for the MCOTS-C-270-40-HE or 24-60 Vdc for the MCOTS-C-270-60-HE. Additionally, these converters offer an adjustable current limit feature that allows them to power near infinite capacitive loads or a battery. When the load current demand is above the set current limit, the unit behaves as a constant current source, delivering constant current independent from the output voltage. Below the set current limit, the unit behaves as a regulated voltage source, delivering a fixed regulated voltage to the load. The designer can select the output voltage through trim resistors or by adjusting the voltage into the voltage set pin. As with SynQor’s other Mil-COTS products, these converters offer extremely efficient high-power conversion across its entire output power range, with low power dissipation enabling full-load operation at temperatures as high as 85 °C.

The MCOTS-C-270-40-HE & MCOTS-C-270-60-HE come fully encased in SynQor’s proprietary ruggedized packaging allowing them to operate in the harshest military conditions including applications such as radar/pulse loads, battery charging, electronic warfare, RF power amplifiers, solid-state lasers, UAV/UUVs, rotary wing applications, and much more. These modules also include an array of advanced features such as serial communication for module configuration and monitoring, active current share for paralleling converters, external clock synchronization to improve EMI performance, and a battle short feature that overrides the over-temperature shutdown functionality in applications where the module needs to operate in conditions beyond the intended temperature range. SynQor’s field-proven, highly reliable technology shortens design cycles and helps designers/integrators yield reliable, dependable solutions for the defense and aerospace markets.


  • High Power density:
    • up to 600 W / 35 A for MCOTS-C-270-40-HE
    • up to 600 W / 25 A for MCOTS-C-270-60-HE
  • Wide input range: 155-425 Vdc
  • High efficiency: 94.5% at half load, 93% at full load
  • Variable output voltage
  • Programable current limit
  • Maximum Base plate temperature 100 °C

Specification Compliance:

  • MIL-STD-704 (A-F)
  • MIL-STD-461 (C-F)
  • MIL-STD-810G

Click the following links to download the MCOTS-C-270-40-HE and MCOTS-C-270-60-HE datasheets from our website. For more information on this or your other power needs, please visit us at or contact us via your local SynQor representative.