Military 3-Phase Power Factor Correction Modules

Military Grade PFC Module Solutions

The MPFCQor Power Factor Correction module is an essential building block of an AC-DC power supply. Used in conjunction with SynQor’s MCOTS AC line filter and a limited amount of stabilizing capacitance, the 3-Phase MPFCQor will draw a nearly perfect sinusoidal current from each phase of a 3-Phase AC input. The module is supplied completely encased to provide protection from the harsh conditions seen in many military and extreme environments.

Operational Features

  • Full-brick form factor industry standard
  • 1.5 kW continuous (2.0 kW surge)
  • Semi-regulated output: 270 Vdc
  • Compatible with Military Standard 60 Hz, 400 Hz and variable frequency systems
  • Meets military standards for harmonic content
  • Minimal Inrush current
  • Compatible with large external hold-up capacitors
  • Additional Half-brick input filter available to meet full EMI
  • 100°C max baseplate temperature at full power
  • -55°C to +100°C Operating Temperature
  • Parallelable for higher power on a common input filter
  • Compatible with SynQor MCOTS - 270 Converters
  • Enables systems with repetitive load transients to pass MIL-STD-461 CE101 with superior load current rejection

Protection/Control Features

  • PFC Enable
  • AC and DC Power Good outputs
  • Clock synchronization output
  • Input current limit and auto-recovery short circuit protection
  • Auto-recovery input under/over-voltage protection
  • Auto-recovery output over-voltage protection
  • Auto-recovery thermal shutdown
  • Parallel Option Available