85-264 Vrms

47 - 63Hz / 360 - 800Hz

55 Vdc

325 W


90%@115Vrms / 92%@230Vrms

Input Voltage

Input Frequency

Output Voltage

Output Power


Full Load Efficiency

Product Details

The AeroQor Isolated PFC Module is a high efficiency, active PFC, AC-DC converter designed to be used as a COTS component in airborne applications. It operates from a universal AC input and generates an isolated DC output. Regulated output and droop output modules are available. Used in conjunction with a hold-up capacitor, and SynQor’s AC line filter, the AeroQor will draw a nearly perfect sinusoidal current (PF>0.99) from a single phase AC input. The module is designed with a high level of documentation and traceability.

Operational Features

• Isolated 325W output power
• Universal input frequency range: 47 - 63Hz / 360 - 800Hz
• Input voltage range: 85-264Vrms
• ≥0.99 Power Factor
• High efficiency: 90% (115Vrms)
• Internal inrush current limit
• Auxiliary 10V bias supply, primary-side referenced
• Can be paralleled (droop version only)

Mechanical Features

• Industry standard Half-brick size
• Size: 2.386” x 2.486” x 0.512” (60.6 x 63.1 x 13.0 mm)
• Weight: 4.8 oz (136 g)

Compliance Features

• RTCA/DO-160G
• Airbus ABD0100.1.8
• Boeing 787B3-0147
• Boeing D6-36440
• Boeing D6-44588

Control Features

• PFC Enable
• AC Power Good Signal
• DC Power Good Signal

Safety Features

• Input to Output reinforced isolation 4250Vdc
• Input/Output to baseplate isolation 2150Vdc
• CE Marked

Protection Features

• Input current limit and auto-recovery short circuit protection
• Auto-recovery input under/over-voltage protection
• Auto-recovery output over-voltage protection
• Auto-recovery thermal shutdown