ATCA Interface

36-75 V @ 14 A

3.3 V & 5.0 V

Quarter-brick ATCA

Input / Output

Management Power

Power Interface Module

Product Details

The IQ65033QTA14 iQor Power Interface Module integrates all features required by the AdvancedTCA Base Specification into a Quarter-Brick footprint. The iQor offers industry leading external hold-up capacitor volumetric density for a compact overall solution. At 90 V hold-up capacitor voltage (trimmable 50-95 V), only 1.1 mF is required to achieve 8.7 ms hold-up time at 400 W. The -48 V output voltage is conditioned for smooth operation through severe input transient events. The iQor is designed thermally and electrically to drive higher power, wide-rangeinput, DC/DC converters such as the 480 W SynQor SQ60120QZB40 and 400 W SynQor PQ60120QZB33. RoHS Compliant (see last page).

Operational Features

• Improved common-mode noise filtering
• Input ORing for A & B power feeds (MOSFET-based for low power dissipation)
• Hot swap control with seamless ride-through of input voltage transient
• EMI filter meets CISPR 22 Class B when used as directed (see applications section)
• External hold-up capacitor trimmable from 50-95 V
• Automatic discharge of external hold-up capacitor
• Isolated management power of 3.3 V at 3.6 A and 5.0 V at 150 mA
• Dual input side enable
• I²C interface data reporting (optional)

Mechanical Features

• Industry standard quarter-brick size: 1.45" x 2.3" (36.8x58.4 mm)
• Overall height of 0.72" (18.2 mm), permits better airflow and smaller card pitch
• Total weight: 1.3 oz (38 g)
• Flanged pins designed to permit surface mount soldering (avoid wave solder) using FPiP technique
• External hold-up capacitor footprint much smaller than other solutions currently available on the market

Safety Features

• 2250V, 30 MΩ VRTN_A/B to LOGIC_GND and SHELF_GND isolation
• UL 60950-1
• CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60950-1
• EN 60950-1

Protection Features

• Management power over-voltage protection
• Management power over-current protection
• Main output over-current protection
• Thermal shutdown protects the unit from abnormal environmental conditions
• Input fuse/feed loss alarm
• Reverse voltage pro