MACF-400-230-HT AC Filter

85 to 264 Vrms (L-N)

9 Arms

1W @ 115Vrms 2kW @ 230Vrms

195 mΩ @ 100ºC

>55 dB @ 250 kHz

Input Voltage

Output Current

Output Power

Max Series Resistance

Differential & Common-mode Attenuation

Product Details

MCOTS series of EMI AC Line Filters brings SynQor’s field proven technology and manufacturing expertise to the military and aerospace power applications marketplace. SynQor’s innovative packaging approach ensures survivability in the most hostile environments. Compatible with the industry standard format, these filters have high differential-mode and common-mode attenuation and low series resistance. They follow conservative component derating guidelines and they are designed and manufactured to the highest standards.

Operational Features

• -55°C to +100°C Operation
• 9Arms output current
• Very low series resistance
• >55dB @ 250kHz Differential & Common-mode Attenuation
• All capacitors are safety-rated X7R multi-layer ceramic
• Meets common EMC standards in properly designed system with SynQor's MPFC module and MCOTS 270 converters
• 400Hz and 50/60 Hz versions

Mechanical Features

• Standard Size: 2.49" x 2.39" x 0.51" (63.1 x 60.6 x 13mm)
• Total weight: 5.0oz (142g)
• Flanged baseplate version available

Compliance Features

MACF Series filters (with MPFC & MCOTS converters) are designed to meet:
• MIL-STD-461 for EMC
• MIL-STD-1399
• MIL-STD-704

Safety Features

• 2150Vdc input-to-case & input-to-gnd-pin high-potential test
• Safety rated class X2 line-to-line & class Y2 line-to-gnd capacitors
• Certified 60950-1 requirement for basic insulation

Manufacturing Process

• AS9100 and ISO 9001 certified facility
• Full component traceability