MCOTS-N-12-Q3P1N-QT DC-DC Converter

6-15 V

0.8V to 5V


3.0V to -13.5V


Continuous Input

Positive Outputs

Each Positive Output

Negative Output

Negative Output

Product Details

The MCOTS-N QUAD Output non-isolated dc-dc converter employs synchronous rectification to achieve extremely high conversion efficiency in a quarter brick package. The module generates three positive output voltages, and one negative output voltage. The MCOTS-N QUAD Output Brick converter can be used in traditional DPA (distributed power architecture) systems that require a more rugged design. All four outputs have a wide output trim range, creating a high degree of flexiblity for the user.

Operational Features

• High efficiency, up to 93% at full rated load current
• Delivers up to 30A on each postitive output and 1A on the negative output
• Input Voltage Range: 6-15 Vdc
• Output Voltage Range: positive outputs: 0.8V to 5V, negative output: -3.0V to -13.5V

Mechanical Features

• Quarter-brick form factor.
• Standard size: 1.54” x 2.39” x 0.50” (39.0 x 60.6 x 12.7 mm)
• Weight: 3.27oz. (93g)

Control Features

• On/Off control for each output
• Output voltage trim for each output permits custom voltages
• Remote Sense (positive outputs only)

Protection Features

• Over-current shutdown (all outputs)
• Thermal shutdown (all outputs)
• Over-voltage shutdown (positive outputs only)
• Input under-voltage lockout (positive outputs only)