MIPC-270-115-270-FP AC-DC PFC

115 Vrms L-N

0 Hz to 800 Hz

270 Vdc


100 °C



Input Voltage

Input Frequency

Output Voltage

Output Power

Baseplate Temp


Full Load Efficiency

Product Details

The MilCOTS Military Input Pre -Conditioner (MIPC) module is an essential building block of an AC-DC or DC-DC power supply running from a source as defined by MIL-STD-704. The MIPC will provide Power Factor Correction when connected to an AC source. It rejects voltage fluctuations from both AC and DC sources. The MIPC also rejects pulsed loads, preventing large load transients from being passed back to the AC or DC source. It is designed to comply with a wide range of military standards and is manufactured in the United States.

Operational Features

• Full-brick form factor • 1.5 kW continuous rating at 100 °C baseplate temperature from AC source • 1.5 kW continuous rating at 85 °C baseplate temperature from DC source • Semi-regulated output: 270 Vdc • Compatible with Military Standard 270 Vdc sources • Compatible with Military Standard 60 Hz, 400 Hz & var. freq. sources • Meets military standards for harmonic content • Enables systems with repetitive load transients to pass MIL-STD-461 CE101 requirement by offering superior load current rejection • Minimal inrush current • Balanced phase currents • High power factor (0.98 at 400 Hz / 1.5 kW) • Minimal external output capacitance needed • Supports full load current during startup ramp • Additional input filters available to meet full EMI • N * 1.5 kW power levels when paralleled

Mechanical Features

• Industry standard Full-brick-size • Size: 2.486” x 4.686” x 0.512” (63.14 x 119.02 x 13.0 mm) • Weight: 11.3 oz (320 g)

Compliance Features

MIPC series converters are designed to meet: (With an MCOTS 3-Phase AC input filter) • MIL-STD-704 (A-F) w/ leading power factor • MIL-STD-461 (C, D, E, F) • MIL-STD-1399 (at 200 Vrms L-L) • MIL-STD-810G

Control Features

• All control pins referenced to separate floating return • Asynchronous serial data interface • Input and Output Power Good outputs • MIPC Enable and Battle Short inputs • 3.3 V always-on standby power output • Clock synchronization output

Protection Features

• Output current limit and auto-recovery short circuit protection • Auto-recovery input under/over-voltage protection • Auto-recovery output over-voltage protection • Auto-recovery thermal shutdown