MTQ-Px-AC115-1 AC-DC Configurable

1 to 2 Outputs

85 - 180 Vrms

47 - 63 Hz / 360 - 800 Hz

Up to 650 W

Standard Configurations

Input Voltage

Input Frequency

Total Output Power

Product Details

The MultiQor Plate format of input-filtered single phase AC-DC power supplies provides up to two customer defined output voltages that are isolated from the input, each other and the cold plate. Using SynQor’s Mil-COTS line of high efficiency, high reliability, fixed switching frequency DC-DC converters, PFC and EMI filters, this supply is designed to comply with MILSTD- 704, and MIL-STD-1399. The complete assembly is designed to withstand the harsh environments of the Military and Aerospace industries and is compliant with MIL-STD-810G requirements.

Operational Features

• Input voltage range: 85 - 180 Vrms

Mechanical Features

• Size: 6.70” x 9.12” x 1.23” (170.2 x 231.6 x 31.3 mm)
• Refer to mechanical diagrams for weight
• Cold plate with mounting holes for connection to heat removal system

Compliance Features

Designed to meet these standards:

Control Features

• PFC Enable (isolated)
• Individual output voltage Enable control (isolated)
• AC Power Good Signal (isolated)

Safety Features

• Input/Output to baseplate isolation 2150 Vdc

Protection Features

• Input current limit and auto-recovery short circuit protection
• Auto-recovery input under/over-voltage protection
• Auto-recovery output over-voltage protection
• Auto-recovery thermal shutdown