Manufacturing Process

SynQor® products are designed and manufactured in the USA at its 100,000 square foot facility in Boxborough, Massachusetts, about 30 miles from Boston. Having the design and manufacturing teams co-located in one facility increases communication, resulting in quicker time to market and highly manufacturable designs.

SynQor utilizes cross-functional teams throughout the product life cycle to ensure all aspects of the business are considered. The Design for Manufacturing (DFM) teams consist of members from the Design Team as well as representatives from the Process Engineering, Quality Engineering and Manufacturing Teams. They introduce leading edge products and technologies that can be produced with the highest levels of quality in the industry. Once in production, SynQor’s products and processes are controlled and monitored using automatic data collection at all points throughout the manufacturing process. Data gathered is monitored and analyzed both in real time and on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to ensure that each step of the process is controlled, that it meets or exceeds our standards and that it is optimized for efficiency.

SynQor’s manufacturing facility utilizes state-of-the-art assembly and test equipment in the production process. When implementing cutting edge technology that requires equipment which does not exist in the market place or is insufficient, SynQor will design and build its own equipment that is customized to its needs. Equipment is serviced by SynQor’s in-house Maintenance Department with input from vendors as needed to ensure maximum machine availability.

Raw material is tightly controlled at SynQor to ensure that only the highest quality components are used and to provide traceability to customers. All material receipts are routed through our Quality Control Inspection area where they are examined, approved (rejected) and given a unique serial number and barcode that will be used to track the material as it moves through the factory and is consumed. SynQor maintains component level traceability on every one of its products, allowing SynQor to know the source, lot code, date of receipt and many other characteristics of every component on every product that it builds.

Electronic Components / Assemblies

SynQor manufactures its electronic modules and electronic subassemblies using multiple Surface Mount Technology lines. This flexible, multi-line capability enables SynQor to build high volume products alongside customized, low volume products ensuring a steady production stream while maintaining the strictest quality control.

Many of SynQor's electronic modules, such as converters and filters, also require production of complex, hard to assemble magnetic components as a critical part of the manufacturing process. These and other components must meet high quality, consistency and throughput measures. SynQor therefore utilizes fully automated assembly cells that begin with a populated Printed Circuit Board and output a fully functional unit.

Many of SynQor’s converters and filters get encased to protect them from demanding field environments. SynQor's encasement process utilizes high performance thermal compound that provides a rugged design with superior thermal characteristics and power output.

System Solutions

SynQor’s System Level Products include its rack-mount systems (UPS, MPS, etc), its VPX systems, and other products. SynQor utilizes modules and sub-assemblies manufactured in-house in all of our System Level Products, giving it full control over the entire design and manufacturing process. Using its high performance modules also allows SynQor to achieve excellent power density. SynQor's System Level Product assembly includes through-hole soldering, mechanical sub-assembly integration, wiring harness installation and a full complement of electrical testing and burn-in.

High-Reliability Center

SynQor utilizes its Class 10,000 clean room environment to manufacture its full line of Military Grade Hi-Rel products to IPS-A-610 Class III standards. The Hi-Rel Center is staffed by specially vetted and trained operators who perform assembly and test functions such as -55ºC to +125°C fully functional testing, temperature cycling, extended burn-in and numerous other processes designed to generate products of the highest reliability in order to meet stringent MIL-STD requirements.

SynQor’s manufacturing facility is AS9100 and ISO 9001 certified demonstrating that our business processes are designed and executed to the same exacting standards as our products. The facility routinely hosts customer visits and is always considered audit ready.