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Frequently Asked Questions

This page provides a list of Frequently Asked Questions concerning our sales channels, ordering information and customer support.  Please contact a SynQor sales person or one of our channel partners with any further questions.

  • How do I stay informed about new product releases ?
    SynQor has a dedicated space on our website highlighting all press releases, which details new product announcements and company news. You can also sign up for SynQor's email list to stay up to date with everything that is going on at SynQor.
  • Where can I find a list of your channel partners?
    Please see our list of contacts by geographic location.
  • Can I buy SynQor's products directly from SynQor?
    Many customers prefer to work directly with SynQor. SynQor's automated and flexible domestic factory achieves lead times and smaller MOQs than is typical in the industry allowing many customers to work directly with us by way of our manufacturers representatives or SynQor's Order Acquisition group at 1-978-849-0600 or via Customers with less predictable demand and those buyers seeking evaluation or prototype quantities may prefer to purchase products through a distribution channel. Please refer to our list of channel partners or contact a SynQor sales person for more information.
  • What information do I need to specify the correct DC-DC converter?
    Product recommendations can be provided more quickly and accurately if you are able to provide the following information at the time of your inquiry:
    • Required input voltage (Vdc)
    • Required output voltage (Vdc)
    • Required load current (Adc) or total output power (Watts)
    • Expected operating temperature range (degrees C)
    • Expected air flow adjacent to the converter (linear feet/minute)
    • Preferred package size, enable logic and pin length
    • Any specific performance requirements
  • Please provide an explanation of your part numbering system.
    Part numbering schemes and explanations can be found on the last page of a product datasheet.
  • How do I obtain evaluation samples of your products?

    SynQor's goal is to make our products readily available and easy to evaluate for qualification purposes. To that end, we offer our customers evaluation boards that allow easy testing of any module with simple connections to your test equipment. You can contact SynQor or one of our channel partners to purchase sample units and evaluation boards.

  • Does SynQor have minimum order quantities based on packaging requirements?
    SynQor has the flexibility to ship any quantity of units. However, ordering in quantities that fill a shipping container will likely reduce shipping cost. Our product shipping container sizes are defined below:

    PowerQor, InQor, BusQor, CFQor, RailQor, DualQor iQor, NiQor, PFCQor and MCOTS are covered by the following guidelines:
    • Full Bricks: (8th Character in part number = "F"): 15 units per tray
    • Half Bricks: (8th Character in part number = "H"): 25 units per tray
    • Quarter Bricks: (8th Character in part number = "Q"): 35 units per tray
    • Eighth Bricks: (8th Character in part number = "E"): 50 units per tray
    • Sixteenth Bricks: (8th Character in part number = "S"): 56 units per tray
    • (NiQor) SIPS: (Part Number starts with "NQ", 8th letter "V" or "H"): 40 units per tray
    • (NiQor) SMT: (Part Number starts with "NQ", 8th letter "S"): 40 units per tray or 320 units per reel
    Sample and prototype quantities less than these amounts may be shipped in our standard single piece box packaging. Other products are individually packaged and thus order quantity has less effect on unit shipping cost.
  • How do I determine pricing on your products?

    You may contact one of our local representatives for current pricing. Many of  Please visit our sales contacts list for the contact information of your local SynQor representative.

  • What is the warranty on your products?

    In brief, SynQor warrants that its products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship and will perform in accordance with the specifications for such product for the specified warranty period. This warranty period varies by product family as follows:

    • Three Years - PowerQor, NiQor (except HV NiQor products), DuaIQor, BusQor, and IQor (ATCA)
    • Two Years - InQor, HV NiQor, RailQor, ACuQor, CFQor, PFCQor, MilQor, MCOTS & MultiQor.
    • One Year - Military UPS and UPS Battery

    The warranty period for Custom products ("CQ" prefix) will be two years unless otherwise specified. Complete warranty terms are set forth in SynQor's Terms and Conditions.

  • What are the terms and conditions of sale for your products?
  • How do I handle returns for SynQor product?

    If you wish to return a product due to a technical failure, please contact our technical support group, or a SynQor sales representative. If the problem cannot be solved over the phone, a customer support representative will coordinate the issuing of a Failure Analysis Request (FAR) number and provide details on how to ship the unit(s) to SynQor for analysis.

    If you wish to return a product for reasons other than technical performance issues, please contact our customer support group at SynQor by phone: (978) 849-0600 or e-mail: to request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form. You will need information on the part number, revision letter code and serial number that can be found on the product label. Please note that for Bar Coding, SynQor uses Code 128 on product labels and Code 39 and PDF417 on box labels.

    Special consideration should be given to how the units are handled and packaged for return shipment to SynQor. Note that all UPS Batteries are classified as Fully Regulated Dangerous Goods and must be shipped per DOT & IATA (International Air Transport Association) regulations. Please request a copy of SynQor's Packaging Instructions for more details on how to properly handle and package SynQor product.

  • Where do I request products if I do not see them on your website?

    All of SynQor's standard product data sheets can be found on our website. You can access them through the product selector, or the product guide. However, if you have requirements for a custom or modified standard product or wish to inquire about possible future product releases, please contact a SynQor sales person directly.

  • Do you make custom power supply products?

    SynQor offers a broad line of standard DC-DC converters, AC-DC converters, and system level products to cover a wide range of power requirements and applications. However, customers often have special requirements that are not covered with a standard product. This may include a specific package size, input/output voltage, power level or a special feature. SynQor will consider all requests for modified and custom power supplies. In addition, SynQor will consider providing system level products as well. To discuss your individual requirements, contact the SynQor sales group.

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