Our Quality & Compliance Standards

SynQor Exceeds ISO-9001 and AS9100 Quality StandardsSynQor is AS9100 & ISO-9001 certified

AS9100 and ISO-9001 are internationally recognized quality standards which measure the comprehensiveness and effectiveness of a company's Quality Management System (QMS). The Aerospace AS9100 standard includes all of the requirements of ISO-9001 plus additional requirements for the Aerospace Industry. SynQor's certification to the AS9100 standard includes certification to the ISO-9001 standard. 

SynQor attained its initial ISO-9001 certification in 2000, and SynQor attained additional certification to the AS9100 standard in 2006. Since 2006, SynQor has maintained certification to both the AS9100 and ISO-9001 standards through annual surveillance audits of SynQor's Quality Management Systems and Operations.

These Certifications apply to SynQor's design and manufacture of high-efficiency DC-DC and AC-DC power conversion products and systems serving the Telecom, Industrial, Railway, Medical, Military, and Aerospace industries. Maintaining AS9100 and ISO-9001 certification is fundamental to SynQor's process-centered organization structure in which quality and reliability are embedded throughout.

Download SynQor's AS9100 and ISO-9001 Certificate.

Safety Certifications

SynQor products are tested to certify compliance to a comprehensive listing of internationally recognized product safety standards. SynQor product safety certification documents may be viewed at the appropriate links below.

EN 62040-1:2008 Certificates

UPS/EBM Family

IEC 62133-2 Certificates

UPS Battery Pack BAT-0200
UPS Battery Pack BAT-0400

60950-1 2nd Edition Certificates

BusQor® BQ4H Family
PowerQor®, BusQor, DualQor® Families
InQor® IQ12-IQ48, RailQor® RQ18-RQ36, MCOTS 28V-48V Families
InQor IQ64-IQ4H, RailQor RQ68-RQ1B, Mil-COTS 150V-270V, Mil-COTS-B Families
DC EMI Filters
IQor 65 Family
NiQor® (Non-Isolated) Families
MPS Family
PFCQor® Family
VPX 3U, 6U

62368-1 2nd Edition Certificates

AC EMI Filters
ACuQor® E-Series, ACuQor G-Series Industrial Families
High Voltage NiQor Families
InQor® IQ12-IQ48, RailQor® RQ18-RQ36, MCOTS 28V-48V Families
InQor IQ64-IQ4H, RailQor RQ68-RQ1B, Mil-COTS 150V-270V, Mil-COTS-B Families
MCOTS 28V Demi Brick
DC EMI Filters

Mil-COTS-B Families

60601-1 2nd & 3rd Edition Certificates

ACuQor E-Series Medical Families
ACuQor G-Series Medical Families
CFQor Family

NEBS Compliance

PowerQor Family

RoHS and REACH Compliance

Due to growing worldwide environmental concerns, the need for RoHS (Restrictions on the use Of Hazardous Substances) and REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) Compliant product solutions in electronic components and systems continues to receive significant attention within the electronics industry. SynQor is committed to support its customers’ environmental needs by offering fully ROHS and REACH Compliant products. This initiative is fully supportive of the global industry efforts to phase out the use of lead and other harmful elements from electronic equipment materials and manufacturing processes. SynQor's goal is to develop products such that they reduce space and materials while increasing power conversion efficiency. In turn, this allows SynQor's customers to continually reduce their impact on the environment while achieving higher performance levels in their applications.

SynQor has successfully eliminated hazardous and toxic materials from its RoHS compliant products, in compliance with the European Parliament Directive entitled "Restrictions on the use Of Hazardous Substances" (RoHS) in advance of the July 1, 2006 deadline. SynQor continually monitors product material content to assure its products will continue to meet revisions ongoing to RoHS and REACH legislations.

RoHS and REACH related inquiries may be directed to

RoHS-REACH Certificate of Compliance:

SynQor RoHS-REACH Certificate of Compliance (PDF)

Product Specific RoHS status information:

RoHS Datasheet Addendum for SynQor products (PDF)

Counterfeit Materials Approach

SynQor’s Counterfeit Parts Avoidance and Control Approach is designed to meet Aerospace Standard AS5553 Requirements. Elements of this process include:

  • Avoidance: All electronic components and raw materials are sourced only from the OEM or Authorized Franchised Distributors. SynQor purchasing policies prohibit sourcing from independent distributors and secondary markets.
  • Detection: 100% of Components and Raw Materials are subject to Incoming QC Inspection to OEM and SynQor Source Control Drawing (SCD) requirements.
  • Mitigation: All non-conforming raw materials including suspect counterfeit parts are physically and electronically quarantined and contained for further investigation and disposition.
  • Disposition: Confirmed counterfeit parts will be reported and permanently removed from the supply chain per AS5553 requirements.

Conflict Minerals Approach

Section 1502 of the US law known as the "Dodd-Frank Act" includes a requirement that companies using gold, tin, tungsten and tantalum make efforts to determine if those materials came from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) or an adjoining country and, if so, to carry out a "due diligence" review of their supply chain to determine whether their mineral purchases are funding armed groups in eastern DRC. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued the final rule implementing Section 1502 in August 2012.

Although as a privately held company, SynQor is not required to publicly report its due diligence results, we make our Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT) available to support our customers efforts to audit their supply chains for compliance to this facet of the Dodd-Frank Act.

Contact your sales representative if you require further information.