Evaluation Board - 1000001 - Evaluation Board for Isolated, DC-DC Converters, Less than 300 W, Input voltage less than 100 V ( 1⁄16 , ⅛ , ¼ , ½ Bricks)

SynQor has developed EVAL-1000001, an evaluation board to facilitate testing of our lower power (300W max) isolated half-brick, quarter-brick, eighth-brick, and sixteenth-brick DC-DC converters rated to 100 V max. Compatible with: MCOTS-C-28/28V/28VE, MCOTS-C-48, PowerQor (PQ), InQor (IQ), RailQor (RQ), BusQor (BQ), Semi-Regulated BusQor (SQ) and CFQor (CF).